Monday, June 20, 2011

noto fashion show

 Noto Fashion Show: Fashion Is A Choice
Please Dress Responsibly

This past Saturday, June 18th I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Noto Fashion Show. For those of you who missed my previous post on the one and only Noto, it just happens to be the loveliest boutique around! The show took place in the magical Maiden Lane, and was transformed into a high end rocking runway. I got to sneak backstage and snap a few photos of the amazing headpieces, beautiful beehive up-do's, and lovely models.

Of course I had to rock some pieces from my favorite boutique! 
Skirt and Belt are from Noto. 

While the crowd was buzzing and the Dj dropping beats, attendees sipped the signature Notini cocktail and rejoiced over their Noto tote bag that saves them 10% every time they use it at Noto.

All the attendees were dressed to the nines, and responsibly I might add. Just check out some of these lovely ladies above, one of which is a reader of mine!

 And of course all of my 330 blogger girls didn't disappoint. 
Each rocking our own unique look, I think we make a pretty great team. 

 In addition to the new styles and hip brands that Noto carries they added a lovely little vintage line, Sarah's Laundry. My friend and fellow 330 blogger Sarah got to see her vintage line strut down the runway. The pieces were unique and amazing in every way! Full of color blocking and special little details. I even snatched up a piece of the line not shown here. You can get your own little piece of Sarah's Laundry at Noto.

 The show started just as the sun began to set, lighting the runway perfectly. 

The show felt magical yet funky. The pieces were full of colorful floral and tribal prints. The details were intricate and unique. The models strutted their stuff and got gasps when the backs of some dresses were shown.

The owner herself Lauren graciously made a quick and sweet wave at the end of the show. The entire event was magical and amazing. You can bet I will be in attendance next year, and you should be too! And if you have yet to check out Noto yourself, GO! You won't regret it.


  1. Great post!

    Lovely photos too. What an awesome show it was!

    xoxo, Kye

  2. Love the geometric prints on your skirt! You and your girls all look so stylish!
    Looks like a great event, thanks for sharing :)

  3. It was lovely seeing you! I linked you up in my recap of the show for Examiner!

    Can't wait to get together again. I think I'm going to be able to make your Mark party, btw.

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  4. kylene- i wished i would have relaxed you were there! don't know why i didn't put 2+2 together!

    DfD- why thank you! you can't go wrong with NOTO on!! you ladies looked fantastic too!

    joey- thanks! it was an amazing time! i love little boutiques! you have some favorites close to you?

    stacey-Thank you!! it's always nice to see all you ladies out and about! and i would LOVE it if you could make my mark party!! if you cant though and would like to order anything let me know :) ill hook you up!

  5. I wish I would have known about this earlier! I would have gone! Fantastic outfits, I love your skirt!

  6. thanks hilary! are you a local blogger? if so check out ...