Sunday, February 24, 2013

little loves

Hey my dears! Hope you all ha a wonderful week! I've been busy as usual (I might have something really awesome up my sleeve too). I can not WAIT any longer for the snow to go away and the warm weather to get here because I am in a serious winter funk. 

Anyway last week for Fat Tuesday I went out to see my boyfriends band play and wore this outfit above. Leather leggings from The Shopes at Target, new H&M shirt, and Gianni Bini pumps (ps one of the most comfortable pump brand ever!). 

 Oh please excuse the awful cuticle on my middle finger here! A sweet little Valentines Mani by Lynn at New Awakening's of course! She is THE BEST! 

Got a great little surprise package from my brother and sister-in-law for Valentines Day! This awesome make-up bag that was as if it was made for me, and this adorable phone case! Obsessed over the little heart Washi tape too because teal hearts is my blog logo! Obviously I got right onto ETSY and picked some up for myself :)

Any of you lovelies watch Girls on HBO out there? That's my BEST FRIEND Lindsay at the table on the right as an extra! Pretty cool huh? Oh and even cooler than that? She's making an album (she's crazy talented) and started a Kickstarter to help with the funds. For as little as $5 you can get yourself a copy of her EP when it releases (seriously do it, she's going to be famous). Go HERE to support her Kickstarter! 

I just LOVE Lauren Conrad! This was of course the first issue of Lucky after my subscription ended and she was on the cover. I looked for this copy all over the place and finally tracked it down yesterday. She is just always so spot on with her looks. Anyone else adore her like me?

One of my good friends is off to California for a new job so we had a little farewell dinner for him on Saturday. Wore this F21 blue and black tulip skirt with pockets, a simple H&M white pocket tee (with some back bra peeking through), and m favorite Aldo booties. 

In other news I signed up for my YMCA classes last week (kickboxing was full, which I was really bummed about), and joined Planet Fitness. I'll be hitting the gym twice a week, and the YMCA on Tuesdays for Spinning (in place of Kickboxing), and Zumba on Wednesdays. Can't wait for it to be summer and warm!

Hope you lovelies all had a wonderful week and have a wonderful week ahead! 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

little loves

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful few weeks while I have been laying low! It's been a while since I stopped in to do a little loves so we have some filling in to do! 

 One of my recent #maskmondays I used this new Yes To Carrots mask c/o and this new Organix Moroccan Oil hair mask I picked up at Ulta. Loved the face mask but the hair mask was so-so, it felt like a regular conditioner to me. Next time I will leave it in longer.  Of course you lovelies are always invited to join me on Mondays! I love to know what your using so Facebbok me, Tweet me, or Instagram me using the hashtag #maskmonday. See you tomorrow!

 I shared this photo this week on my Facebook page that has been making its way around the internet. Our favorite leading lady Barbie without make-up and flash lashes, and do I even see braces (?), or maybe her teeth just aren't whitened. Either way I just love the idea of showing this image because so many of girls in my generation grew up with Barbie as our image of beautiful, but no one even thought about what Barbie looked like before she was all dolled up. It just puts into perspective, that all of us, yes even BARBIE has her flaws. Of course I think she is beautiful either way, I mean come on that skin, those eyes!

 Over last weekend I went to NYC for a quick little trip for my dear best friend, Kae's birthday. We ate, drank, shopped, and had a great time over-all! Check out this to-die-for dress I picked up at Urban Outfitters. Valentines Day dinner? Definitely for one of my 7 weddings I have this summer! I will absolutely post pics of me wearing it and styled later.

 Remember forever ago when I won't that $100 to Amour Vert clothing? I FINALLY used it when they had their sale and got this adorable tunic dress I wanted forever. It is SO comfy, and SO soft!! You can absolutely tell its eco-friendly because the quality is really amazing and the fabric is so gentle. I can not wait to wear this in the spring with some brown sandals, cross body, and a fedora. 

Woke up early this mooring to hit up my local Target for the new designer colab, Prabal Gurung. Glad to see this one did much better than the disastrous Neiman Marcus one. I scored one of the items on my wish list, this killer tank. I adore the print and colors (ps. if you thought neon's were in last year, you just wait till this spring and summer).

My top item to score was the dress on the left but unfortunately the fit was all wrong on me. Any of the sizes that fit my chest were too big in the waistband and too long, the sizes that fit my waist didn't fit my chest. It was a pretty sad moment cause I do adore the dress. The quality and gentle flare at the bottom were wonderful. However a few other ladies in the fitting rooms at the time were also having the same issues so I was glad to know it wasn't just me. 

Then I remembered later today the dress on the right I had seen from Dorothy Perkins and loved but ended up thinking it looked too much like the Prabal Gurung dress I was planning to buy, so now of course I'll be getting that one! Anyway I love the way DP dresses fit me and the body con style is more flattering on me anyway! Do you lovelies like it?

Did any of you grab a piece of PG for Target? What did you get? 

So I have been on the hunt for this style sandal for quite some time! I wanted it in either a nude or black, and that weren't high-gloss. Of course I found a few I adored from Manolo Blahnik and Givenchy but I couldn't swing the price tag, so finally found this pair from ASOS. I don't own any ASOS pumps so I hope they are comfy! I love them though and think they are classic and will look great with a dress, or styled down a little with black dress shorts and a fedora. 

Do any of you lovelies own ASOS brand pumps? Any feedback for me?

Hope you lovelies had a great week! Next up this week in a "lovely little find + giveaway" post! 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

beauty storage, collection, + bathroom tour vlog

Hey Lovelies!

I had this video filmed a little file back but unfortualy I used a camera I wasn't familiar with and I filmed it vertically, so the whole video had little black bars on either side :( SO I re-filmed it this morning! It is definitely a long video because I had a lot to cover, but I have been asked to film this video so many times that I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases. If you have any questions of course please email me, or leave a comment below, or ask me on my Facebook page!

This is the HELMER unit I currently use, however I don't have the wheels on mine, and I spray painted the handles gold ;)
This is the ALEX unit I will be upgrading to, next time I get to Ikea. Isn't it pretty?
This is the Raskog cart I use for my hair products, lotions, etc. I love that this rolls!

AND THIS is the killer train case I use to keep my everyday make-up in. I swear by this thing! If you are a beauty junkie, or tend to travel with a fair amount of make-up you need this case! The pockets for brushes is so great, and its roomy enough to usually toss in a few hair products and other toiletries you might need while traveling. 

This case is already worth the $50 price tag but my lovely friends over at Declaration Boutique are running a super secret special just for you lovelies! 

They are offering up thier last 3 of these beauties for only $30!! No,I'm not kidding you! This is a total steal! Act fast because they will go quickly! 

I hope you lovelies enjoyed the video and got some ideas on how to stay organized and store your products! Im always looking for great ideas, so please same if you have any! Let me know what you think of course in the comments below! I always love hearing from you!