Monday, April 22, 2013

prtty peaushun review + giveaway

And the wonderful BLOG BIRTHDAY celebration continues!

I am thrilled to be working with yet another one of my top 5 favorite companies Prtty Peaushun! I had the honor of working with Prtty Peaushun last year for my blog birthday, you can read that post HERE.  As a beauty blogger I am very fortunate and lucky to receive a lot of wonderful products for my consideration. However many times after I trying them and reviewing them, they sit on a shelf or lay in a bin and I don't touch them again. So when I do discover a product that I find myself reaching for over and over again I can't help but tell you lovelies about it. THIS is one of those products. 

After my initial review last year, I found myself using this product on a daily basis. I really LOVE this product! I use it for its main purpose as a body lotion of course, but I also use it to add shine and dimension to my hair, highlight on my face, and I just learned recently that its a natural insect repellent. Goodbye foul smelling and sticky insect spray, Prtty Peaushun puts them to shame. 

Prtty Peashun was developed by celebrity makeup artist Bethany Karlyn and is used by some seriously gorgeous celebrities. Names like Eva Mendez, Rihanna, Paula Patton, Lea Michelle, Gweneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez, and Pink just to name a few. I am going to steal a a quote from Bethany from my original post because the creator herself says it best...

"To give you a bit of background, Prtty Peaushun is fabulous for women of all shades, all shapes, and all ages. The visual effect of PP is lengthening and slimming and it creates a subtle glow... think glimmernot glitter. Imperfections are diffused and uneven tones are softened."

"Hand crafted organic plant extracts lift, tighten, and firm the skin giving a lightly pulled in feeling and helps diminishthe appearance of cellulitestretch marks, and varicose veins, as well as minimizing bruising and sore muscles.The formula is natural with 92% raw ingredients and fragrance free. Grapefruit gives it a light citrus scent."

Of course watch my video to hear me talk about my love for this magic in a package, what I use it for, and more!

I tried to capture the magic that Prtty Peaushun does to skin but both my video camera and my regular camera aren't the highest quality and don't do it justice. I did attempt some before and after pictures on my legs (it's kinda hard to take pictures of your own legs ya know?) 

 -without lotion and with lotion-

-without lotion- dark and medium shades - with lotion-

Prtty Peaushun was kind enough to offer up yet another great GIVEAWAY for you lovelies! I am so excited that THREE more of you are going to get your hands on this amazing product. I am convinced you will fall in love. 


1 of 3 - 8oz Prrty Peaushun Lotions 
in your shade choice

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

one love organics vlog + giveaway

So excited to still be celebrating my TWO YEAR blog birthday with yet another one of my handpicked favorite brands! This time with the brand One Love Organics, who I had the honor of working with last year, read that post HERE.

A year ago I had the opportunity to review a handful of products from the One Love Organics line, and I was SO, SO impressed. Not only are they an organic company (which my skin just adores), but they also have such a wonderful spirit, philosophy, ingredients, and all around lovely brand. 

I fell hard for all the products they sent me a year ago, and have since fallen for more products I have bought on my own, but I must admit I am completely smitten with one specific product. I really don't know how I lived before it and how I could live without it now. Enter the Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm, and it is just that a skin savior! I literally use this product every single day for so many different things. The most wonderful thing about the skin savior is that it really doesn't have one specific use, it can be used for anything and almost everything you could imagine. 

My favorite uses for Skin Savior:
1. Moisturizer / Primer
2. Lip Balm
3. Hair Treatment
4. Brow Tamer / Fly-Away Tamer
5. Cleanser
6. Deep Repair Balm 
(for rough + dry patches of skin)
7. Skin Protector Against Harsh Winds
and the list goes on and on...

I filmed a little video talking about why I love Skin Savior so much, how I use it, 
and more about the products that are up for one of you lucky lovelies to WIN!

If you're still not sold on the line do yourself a favor and snag one of those SAMPLE PACKS from One Love Organics that include single use maples of the whole line for only $5 and FREE SHIPPING! Before you know it you'll wonder how you ever lived before this brand.

Enter to Win
One Love Organics
Skin-Care Package 

Valued over $95

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Good Luck Lovelies!  

And don't forget to enter the Mario Badescu giveaway HERE open until Wednesday night!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

As usual life has been just CRAZY! Outside of work, blogging, and working out, I have also been working on a Fashion Show I was asked to be apart of, organizing some great giveaways for you lovelies to celebrate my blog birthday, working on a MAJOR project that I can't wait to share with all of you, prepping to do the makeup for a friends wedding, helping another friend with some planning of hers, getting ready for vacation in two weeks, and all around kinda going crazy!

 I truly love these pants, which is saying a lot since I typically don't feel very comfortable in pants. Wore this outfit out to a music show and wine bar a few weekends back. The adorable top is from my favorite local boutique Noto (it even has stud all the way down the back). 
Pants- Target, last year / Top- Noto / Booties- Aldo 

I snagged the deal of a lifetimes and scored THIS (of course I got brunette but it's sold out now) amazing Anastasia Eyebrow kit from Beautylish for only $19.50. It also came with a mini clear brow gel and mini tweezers. One of my lovely readers Lindsay told me about it forever ago and it has since been on my "lust list". Couldn't say no to such a great deal, and I'm glad I didn't. Not to toot my own horn, but my brows look seriously fabulous since using this kit! You can snag a brunette kit HERE (note kit does not include brow gel and tweezers, that was a Beautylish special).

It has FINALLY been dry enough to wear my new MK urban sneaks! I LOVE THEM!! Thanks to my momma for surprising me with them for Valentines day (I know she is OVER THE TOP). I wore them first to by bf's new hip-hop gig, then again for a casual date night with my new Express jeans. Love them paired with the jeans. I am thinking of wearing them to Universal Studios on vacation, but worried about them getting too dirty... they are so comfy though! 

I am so excited to be giving away hands down THE BEST skincare product I have ever used, One Love Organics Skin Savior Beauty Balm. Stay tuned to the blog on Tuesday to win this balm (valued at $68) along with a few other goodies too! Oh and of course my REVIEW!

I am so so excited to be one of the eight bloggers who was asked to participate in the Goodwill of Greater Cleveland's Goodstyle Fashion Show next month! Basically eight local bloggers put together a "line" of looks styled with items from Goodwill. I just finished up my last shopping trip yesterday and have all my stylings and fittings this week! It is going to be AMAZING! 

Tickets normally sell for $70 to this killer event at The Cleveland Aquarium and the notorious Windows on the River, but are selling right now for only $35 via LivingSocial! Tickets include admission to the aquarium (normally like $20) which guests have about 40 min to walk through, hors d'oeuvres, one drink ticket, gift bag, admission to the show, pop-up shop, and silent auction. It would be a great girls night or even date night!

Don't forget to ENTER TO WIN all these amazing items from Mario Badescu (valued over $70), and watch my review on this holy grail brand HERE!

Hope you lovelies all have a wonderful week! Be sure to enter the current giveaway, and stop back Tuesday and Thursday for two more of my favorite products to win!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

mario badescu vlog + giveaway

Today my blog is TWO! I can not believe it has already been two years, while at the same time I can hardly remember a time before I blogged. It has been hands down one of the greatest things I have ever done! I love blogging, sharing my passion for beauty with all of you, meeting new friends, hearing from all of you about products you love, and all the lovely little things in between. It has allowed me to start on a major dream and venture in my life that wouldn't have been possible without all of you! I can't wait to share that dream with all of you, but until then I have an AMAZING giveaway for you today to celebrate the big number 2!

I first found out about Mario Badescu from the woman (Kathy) who does my facials at Ulta in Stow (seriously she is amazing, go see her. I just do the 20 minute $20 facials once a month). Like most everyone else I get little blemishes here and there and was struggling to find a spot treatment that wasn't extremely harsh but still worked. She recommended the drying lotion to me, which has been praised in multiple magazines. Of course when I got home I started doing some research on this brand that I had never heard of and I found so many beauty enthusiasts who worship the brand. I couldn't stumble across a single negative review. 

The celebrities that back this brand are seriously impressive, names like Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, and so many more. When browsing the site I found this great service Mario Badescu offered, consulting. Basically you fill out a quick survey about your skin concerns and needs and they give you a personalized routine just for you! A few days after you complete the survey you get an email that lists your recommended products, down at the bottom you can request samples of your regime. They will send you a fantastic package filled with samples and a great pamphlet that gives you the rundown on all the products and when and how to use them. 

I can not say enough great things about this brand. I have not used a single product that I don't LOVE. The resources on their site and information about skin issues is so helpful to find not only the products you need but also the sources behind the issue. Every time I go to Ulta I get myself a new product, and I am constantly on the MB website finding new products to help with my skin concerns. These are my next three items on my wish list.

Watch my review to hear me talk about some of my favorite products, how to use them, tricks, 
and of course some typical Lyndsey rambling ;)

Enter to Win
Mario Badescu
Spring-Time Fruit Themed Skin-Care Package 
Including; 6 oz. Super Rich Apricot Body Lotion, 8 oz. Citrus Body Cleanser, 
8 oz. Orange Cleansing Soap, Kiwi Face Scrub, + Orange Tonic Mask.

Valued over $70

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