Tuesday, November 27, 2012

macadamia natural oil vlog + giveaway

I am really thrilled and honored to have gotten the chance to work with the amazing company Macadamia Natural Oil, and the opportunity to give some of their loveliest goodies to one of you lucky loves!

For those of you who love all things beauty I know you are more than familiar with this line, and for those of you who might have only seen it around or have never tried it trust me any product in this line will do wonders for your mane. This line is a staple in hair care for beauty bloggers and junkies. Just take a quick little peek at some of the reviews on Beautylish (my go to site for beauty reviews) and you'll be hard pressed to find a negative word on there.  

Before getting some products to review I had already been a fan of MNO's Deep Repair Mask and Flawless Cleanser, so I knew I would love all the products sent to me in the Luxe Travel Set

Watch my video review to hear which products in the set were my favorites, and how I used the products in my hair routine, oh and to see how gorgeous my hair looks ;)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

stitch fix review + vlog

Hey Lovelies!

I am so excited to share this video (even though I am a major RAMBLER in it) because it is about a company I LOVE, Stitch Fix. I first heard about Stitch Fix through fellow blogger Teresa at Delightfully Darling and was pretty sold on the idea. I loved that unlike most "subscription" services you only ever got your shipment when you asked for one. No logging in by a certain date and "skipping" the month or any silly games like that.

Please excuse the excessive editing and rambling. I filmed very late at night after a long day. 

So lets break it down in super simple terms:

♥ Fill out your Style Profile that gets your preferences on size, price, color, pattern, and everything in between. You can even link your Pinterest fashion boards to showcase more of your style!

♥ Schedule your "fix". As often or sporadic as you want. No hoops to jump through.

♥ When your "fix" is sent to you they charge your card $20 (think of this as a down-payment on your future items). When you get your "fix" you apply that $20 towards the total of your items (say you love a dress that is $50, then you just pay the remaining $30 balance).

♥ Try your items on, style them with pieces in your closet already, ask your best friends, boyfriends, moms advice and fall in love with some KILLER, hand picked, boutique label pieces no one else will have.

♥ Using the pre-addressed and pre-paid bag, pack up any items that didn't work just right and drop in any USPS mailbox within 3 days. You don't even have to go into the post office, and shipping is FREE both ways!

♥ Fill out an after "fix" survey about what you did or didn't like about your pieces and get even better tailored picks as you continue to get your "fixes".

I am totally SMITTEN with this company! I love that I can try the items on in the comfort of my own home, and style them with items in my closet. I love how easy it is to return your unwanted items and that shipping is free. And most of all I LOVE that you pick when you want a "fix", no hassle. Their attention to detail and customer service is so great! 

If you want to see another Stitch Fix review check out my friend Cassie's from More Mascara, please who got hers the same week as mine! I love some of her stuff!

I would TOTALLY encourage you lovelies to sign up and check it out! This would be the perfect time to schedule a fix right before the holiday parties start popping up!! If you do sign up please let them know Lyndsey from A Lovely Little Blog referred you so I can earn credit towards pretty new pieces in future "fixes".  

Also if you sign up please show me some of the goods you get! I will definitely be scheduling another one soon, and I will post pictures of what they send next time too! I'm really excited to get fix #2!

I just had to wear my new top right away but I didn't get too crazy with styling it exactly how I wanted. I went really simple with some flat brown boots, and comfy jean leggings. I am definitely going to style it again ASAP more dressed up, and I'll post a picture then too! Goodness I just adore those tassels!

Let me know what you lovelies think of Stitch Fix!! I'm in LOVE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

little loves

Hello Lovelies!

Hope all you had a wonderful holiday week!! I originally had some post planned for this past week but I got really bought up in all the holiday prep that they got pushed aside. However they are coming this week and let me tell you how many AMAZING holiday giveaways I have coming up!!! You lovelies are about to be totally spoiled!

 On Sunday last week for date night me and the boy had our friends senior recital so I dolled myself up a bit. I LOVED this Noto skirt when they carried it forever ago but it didn't fit me right for whatever reason. My friend Jamie ended up getting it and have lusted after it since. Well lucky for me Jamie dropped a ton of weight and now this adorable skirt is just too big on her. I told her right away of it ever got too big I would buy it from her. I love it because I love high waisted body-con skirts like this, and this one is a little more unique than most. Who knows what the fitting problem was before because it fits like a charm now.

 I have gotten the amazing opportunity to compete in a contest sponsored by Nokia and LeiVanKash Jewellery. I got sent a brand new Nokia Lumia with unlimited data and text to help me create an inspiration board based on one of the five LeiVanKash collections. I am loving this phones camera and can't way for you lovelies to see what I come up with over the next few weeks! BTW how amazing are the LeiVanKash pieces?! LOVE!

I got my very first PopSugar MustHave box this week and I was REALLY happy with it! It comes with a bit of a hefty price tag of $35 for a monthly subscription box but I was lucky and got my first box for only $25 with a code. I decided that while I can't justify this every month I wanted to give it a shot over the holidays (usually holiday subscription boxes are the best). So I did a month-to-month that I can cancel at anytime. I'm planning on canceling after December just because of the funds.

Anyway back to the box! For $25 (or $35 regularly priced) I got all this fun stuff! I was most excited about the Gorjana bracelet because I already have one of these and I love it! I got my first one from my bother and sister in law as a gift in a thicker black version. The one in this box is a bit thinner of a band, smaller chain link, and in a really pretty ox-blood color. This is valued at $55 so that right there pays for the box itself. 

Next thing I was excited about was the StyleMint credit! And I got SUPER LUCKY and accidentally got TWO instead of one! One of these was worth $29.99 (so a total of $60 for me!) on any of the "mint" sites, such as StyleMint, IntiMint, ShoeMint, HomeMint, etc. I had wanted this adorable "long-john" style romper (below) from IntiMint a while back but couldn't stomach the $60 price tag then. I of course snatched it up right away with this credit as well as a $10 off code for like $23.

I waited on using my second code until I decided what I wanted to do with it but decided I wanted to grab one of these rompers for my mom as well for Christmas. I waited till Black Friday and snagged hers, and two pairs of undies for me for only $13 total with this credit and the 60% off code they were offering for Black Friday! SCORE!! I'll let you lovelies know what I think of it when I get it!! I'm hoping it's as comfy as it looks!

On a side note, I never realized you could subscribe to ANY of the "mints" and use your credit toward any of them! I think that's pretty cool!

Not pictured in the box above is this little Mor Lip Macaron that I also got in there. I love it!! It's so silky and not sticky at all!! This is worth like $15.

There was also a $30 credit for CanvasPop (but apparently there is $14 shipping which I probably won't use for that reason), a Yogalosophy DVD (I am hoping I use this- nice extra), a little spice trio (which is adorable and might be a good re-gift stocking stuffer), thank you cards (which seemed pretty generic to me but nice and can always be used), and a doughnut mix (which I am excited to make!). 

Overall my box was $25 and was worth well over $100 for me! I am really excited for December's box!! Do any of you lovelies get the PopSugar MustHave box

I also know of the code REFERFRIENDS that will save you $5 off your first box if you want to sign up too! You can do the month-to-month and cancel after just one box if you want too, why not? Better hurry though December's box is almost sold out!

 Wednesday night I went to my friend Tony's 7th annual night before Thanksgiving party. It is always a good time because I get to see so many people I only see a few times a year, and lots of friends are back in town for the holiday. 

I got the killer surprise that I WON two pouches of my FAVORITE, best kept secret Prtty Peaushun lotion on Thursday though their FB page contest! I got medium for me, and dark for my momma! I LOVE this lotion!! If you haven't yet tried, you MUST!

Overall GREAT week for me!! I am getting excited for Christmas and slowly getting some gifts purchased! And still ON THE HUNT for the perfect NYE dress! Have you lovelies found one yet? 

Have a wonderful week lovelies! Be on the lookout for new posts this week including a giveaway you won't want to miss!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

little loves

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you all had wonderful weeks! Mine was the same old same, work, date nights, blogging. I've gotten the opportunity to compete in a really amazing competition and can't wait to share it with all of you! I also filmed some new vlogs as usual and will be working on editing and posting them this week!  Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?! What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and foods? My favorite food is sweet potato casserole with pineapples and marshmallows! 

I got my very fist "fix" from Stitch Fix and fell head over heels for this blouse! It is the most beautiful material, has a sheer underlay, the greatest little keyhole cutouts all the way around the neck, and TASSLES. I love the tassels, they are so fun! I just thew it on with some jeans and flat boots for a casual date night but I would love to style it up! How would you style it?

And for those of yo who don't know about Stitch Fix, check it out HERE. Plus I have a vlog coming on it THIS WEEK showing you all the great items that came in my "fix".

I got my Birchbox last out of all my friends so I was very anxiously awaiting it! I LOVED my box this month, got a Stila Luminizer, an Oscar Blandi Texture + Volume Spray, and a Miracle Skin cream that I am really excited about! Along with some other fun goodies (and the ever dreaded perfume sample). However Birchbox is now going to be offering a "Deluxe" subsciption, which they haven't yet released details on but I am so anxious about!

I was so surprised on Saturday to open my mailbox and see a little package in there for me from one of my readers Sarah. I couldn't believe the package she put together for me with her very own money and time. She landed a job at Sephora and has been saving up her weekly sample allowance to send me this killer box! She wrote me the loveliest letter explaining why she chose each of the products, why they are her favorite, and tips on using them. I was totally overwhelmed and touched by such a over-the-top generous gift. I can't wait to start trying them out and give her my feedback! 

Thank you Sarah for being so lovely and generous! 

I am looking forward to hearing about all your lovely Thanksgiving traditions! Don't forget to LIKE me on Facebook for another FB FAN ONLY GIVEAWAY this week!

ps. is anyone else already stressing over their New Years Eve outfit? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

firmoo.com review + vlog

I had the fun opportunity to review a pair of glasses from the company FIRMOO.com. This was really fun for me because it was a little bit different than the usual beauty brands I get to work with. I had been looking for a LONG TIME for a pair of these wayfarer style frames and could not find a decent pair that weren't over $20. I kept a tight budget on these because I don't actually need glasses so I though it silly to spend so much on pretend eyewear. 

I LOVE this pair and they are everything I wanted when I was looking! Watch the video to hear me talk about my thoughts on them, quality, price, and customer service, as well as the amazing FIRST PAIR FREE deal that Firmoo.com offers!

I also talk a little about my review policies in this video because it is important to me that you lovelies know I am ALWAYS honest and always try these products I am referring to you. There have been a handful of products I have been sent to review and because my opinions I chose not to review it. I don't believe in bad mouthing a company simply because something wasn't my style, taste, or personal preference, so therefor I chose to say nothing at all. However when I really love a company and or product I love being able to share it with all of you!

Let me know what you think of my new glasses and please check out Firmoo! 
You really can't go wrong with free glasses!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

little loves

Another week has come and gone. They go by quicker when the holidays are approaching don't you think? I can not believe it will be Thanksgiving in 2 weeks! Is anyone ready? I'm not!

Had a pretty chill week with all of the usual stuff and then some. Tuesday night we went over to our friends J+B's for an election party (which was great), had the usual Thursday date night, picked up an extra shift at work Friday, and Saturday I met up with fellow blogger Cassie for a girl date to Ulta (as well as cleaned my disaster of a room that night). 

I also squeezed in some blogging, filming of two new vlogs, and worked on editing one I filmed two weeks ago! With the holidays coming up I am wondering if you lovelies would like me to do another Holiday Gift Guide like I did HERE. Let me know what you think, yes or no.

 A little Stella & Dot and Marc Jacobs arm candy for my girl date on Saturday. Love my new pieces! 

 Had no idea the new Kardashain beauty line was out already so I practically screamed in Ulta when I saw it (who apparently has it before everyone else). I wasn't too impressed with the selection (like 3 shadow palettes, four mascaras, a lip, and some falsies is all I saw) but I did grab this sample pack of all the mascaras to try. I am really hoping they come out with a brow kit! Have any of you lovelies tried any of the Khroma line yet? Thoughts?

 While I was cleaning my room I found this fortune and I had a sappy girlfriend moment. For this of you who don't know, mine and the boys first date was on Christmas day and we got chinese at a little hole-in-the-wall place. Every year since we have repeated the tradition, though now usually on the eve. Steven got this fortune at our 2 year anniversary dinner. I'll keep this forever. 

I got the amazing surprise of winning a $100 to Amour Vert through a Facebook contest they were running!! I am thrilled! I need your help though. Should I get the chambray tunic top on the left or the gray top and dress? The chambray tunic is about $130 and the other two items together are about $130 so either way I'll be spending abut $30 of my own. Hmm I'm stuck! What do you think?

I am currently running a Facebook fan only giveaway on my page! Winner gets this great On The Dot compact, make-up bag, and travel size cleanser from Mark. Valued at $31. Head on over to my page and enter why don't you?! Good luck!

Hope you lovelies had a great week! I have some new vlogs this week for you as well as some giveaways coming too! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

no nonsense

Hey Lovelies!

I had the awesome opportunity to try out some No nonsense tights and leggings and style them. Obviously I jumped at the chance because No nonsense is a staple in women's tights and have been around since before I can even remember! 

I got sent a pair of jean leggings and a pair of purple patterned tights. Right off the bat I was really excited about the jeggings because while I have a few pairs of skinny jeans or jeans that border on leggings I don't have any leggings that are made to look like jeans (and yes there is a difference). I was however a little hesitant about the tights because I typically stick with traditional black tights and rarely stray too far from that, though I was glad they weren't bright orange or something like that because that would have been so far from me. 

I styled the jeggings right off the bat and wanted to show you lovelies how these are great because they can be styled up or down. This specific pair doesn't have pockets which to me personally means they need to be worn with a longer top to cover the toosh (unless of course you have one of those perfect behinds). So to style it up I did this longer red blouse and heeled black booties. It felt very comfy and low maintenance but looked super chic (especially paired with my signature gold jewelry). 

The second look I styled was a more casual one with this longer Alpine sweater from Mark (WELCOME for free shipping) and classic black flats. This was the ultimate comfort outfit. I literally felt like I was in my pj's but it looked pulled together. These jeggings are so comfy but still have some structure, which is hard to come by.

Even though I was hesitant at first about the tights, once I got them on I decided immediately I loved them. They were thicker than most regular tights which is awesome for me since I am amazing tight ruin-er (seriously I go through tights like you wouldn't believe). I paired them with my go-to high wasted black pencil skirt, and then this jewel toned blue blouse. I loved the look of the tights and the blouse together because they both had this pretty jewel toned color and they really brought each other out. Of course I paired it all with my new favorite Aldo booties and my signature gold jewelry. It felt very "holiday" to me, and I think I should definitely re-wear this look to a holiday party. 

I really loved working with No nonsense because as I mentioned before they are a staple in women's leg wear. They are a well known, high quality brand, that are really affordable. What's even nicer is that you can find them at local food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores. I love that because sometimes (lets be honest, most times) I am running behind and need to grab a pair of tights or leggings on the fly. 

No nonsense Facebook 
No nonsense Twitter

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this post because I had a lot of fun styling my leggings and tights! What do you think of my looks? What would you have done with it? Do any of you lovelies own any No nonsense leggings or tights? 

 I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!
Once again, another off week for me. Though I did work on a few posts and vlogs that will be coming your way this week! I hope you lovelies had a great week! I did some "catching up" this week it felt like with various little tasks. Getting ready for the holidays, getting money in order, voting early, picking up a few extra shifts at work, and date nights of course!

 Went and early voted on Monday! Took me an hour, but I am glad I have it done with. 
Have you voted yet?

 Got a nice little surprise of the final Target Beauty Bag in my mailbox on Tuesday! The bag itself is one of my favorites yet, but the contents were underwhelming. However I wasn't expecting too much since it was their last bag. Did any of you score the final bag?

 It was such a good mail week for me! Got my Stella & Dot order on Wednesday! This was my hostess rewards order from my party back in August. It took me FOREVER to finally decide what I wanted but I love my picks! I filmed a VLOG with all my new goodies so be on the lookout for that soon!

Just WAIT until you see all the amazing stuff I got!

 Really excited about this awesome campaign I get to work on with No nonsense and Clever Girls! I got these awesome tights and leggings in the mail to style and try out. Be on the lookout for that post this week! How would you style these jean leggings and purple tights?

Saturday night I went out with my work for one of my friends birthday's. It's always a great time with that group and it gives me an excuse to get a little dolled up. I wore my favorite red skinnies from Old Navy (the Rockstar Jegging), black lace express top, Aldo booties, and new Stella & Dot scarf! I also realized how LONG my hair is getting!

Hope you lovelies had a wonderful week and have a great Sunday! As always I love to read your comments, so don't be shy!

ps. i'm hosting a FACEBOOK fan only giveaway this week, so if you haven't yet head on over and LIKE ME!