Sunday, November 11, 2012

little loves

Another week has come and gone. They go by quicker when the holidays are approaching don't you think? I can not believe it will be Thanksgiving in 2 weeks! Is anyone ready? I'm not!

Had a pretty chill week with all of the usual stuff and then some. Tuesday night we went over to our friends J+B's for an election party (which was great), had the usual Thursday date night, picked up an extra shift at work Friday, and Saturday I met up with fellow blogger Cassie for a girl date to Ulta (as well as cleaned my disaster of a room that night). 

I also squeezed in some blogging, filming of two new vlogs, and worked on editing one I filmed two weeks ago! With the holidays coming up I am wondering if you lovelies would like me to do another Holiday Gift Guide like I did HERE. Let me know what you think, yes or no.

 A little Stella & Dot and Marc Jacobs arm candy for my girl date on Saturday. Love my new pieces! 

 Had no idea the new Kardashain beauty line was out already so I practically screamed in Ulta when I saw it (who apparently has it before everyone else). I wasn't too impressed with the selection (like 3 shadow palettes, four mascaras, a lip, and some falsies is all I saw) but I did grab this sample pack of all the mascaras to try. I am really hoping they come out with a brow kit! Have any of you lovelies tried any of the Khroma line yet? Thoughts?

 While I was cleaning my room I found this fortune and I had a sappy girlfriend moment. For this of you who don't know, mine and the boys first date was on Christmas day and we got chinese at a little hole-in-the-wall place. Every year since we have repeated the tradition, though now usually on the eve. Steven got this fortune at our 2 year anniversary dinner. I'll keep this forever. 

I got the amazing surprise of winning a $100 to Amour Vert through a Facebook contest they were running!! I am thrilled! I need your help though. Should I get the chambray tunic top on the left or the gray top and dress? The chambray tunic is about $130 and the other two items together are about $130 so either way I'll be spending abut $30 of my own. Hmm I'm stuck! What do you think?

I am currently running a Facebook fan only giveaway on my page! Winner gets this great On The Dot compact, make-up bag, and travel size cleanser from Mark. Valued at $31. Head on over to my page and enter why don't you?! Good luck!

Hope you lovelies had a great week! I have some new vlogs this week for you as well as some giveaways coming too! 


  1. Yay! I can't wait for new vlogs. I had so much fun on our girl date. xx
    I lean towards the the the top+dress from Amour Vert but I'm partial to anything stripped.
    Love the arm candy too. I don't know if you noticed on Saturday or not, but I couldn't stop staring! haha

    1. aww thanks girlie!! me too!!
      im leaning that way too!! it takes me FOREVER to buy things though. i contemplate over it way too long! i just like the idea of getting two items vs one anyway ya know?
      thanks again!! i didn't notice, but you should TOTALLY have your own STELLA AND DOT party!!! there is this little cafe in stow that has a "conference room" that you can reserve for free that I've held mark parties in. if you don't have a space, i loved it! i just provided some coffee cake and biscotti and thats it!

  2. I follow cassie's blog and I'm super pumped to follow your blog now! can't wait to find out who wins the fan giveaway! i'll be sharing the photo as often as i can!

    1. aww thanks my dear!! cassie is a total DOLL!! thanks for being a new follower!! and as always thanks for commenting and reading! xoxo

  3. That's so cute about your Christmas tradition! I have a photo of my husband and I from when we first started dating and taped to the frame is the fortune I got when we had lunch together - "Your lover will never wish to leave". So funny when your fortunes actually fit! :)

    1. thanks lovely!! aww that is awesome about you and your hubby!! i agree, when a fortune fits it just seems like it was meant to be because more often than not they are usually pretty lame. thanks for commenting and reading!! xoxo