Friday, July 29, 2011

lovely little local

Last week while on my way to the boyfriends house I spotted a billboard that caught my eye, it boosted of classic burgers and milkshakes at a new spot called The Rail.  And as usual when I got to my boyfriends house we spent 20 minutes trying to decide where to eat that night. I finally made our decision for us and we headed to check out Akron's new burger joint. Attached to the outside of summit mall was a "chipotle-esque" looking exterior. When we walked inside we were immediately greeted by the hostesses. They said there was about a half hour wait for the booths but we could sit at the bar or at the community table. We decided on the long community table surrounded by bar stools. Once we were settled we learned The Rail had only opened the day before.

Pictures above all courtesy of The Rail

The environment was Chipotle meets The Lockview. It was hip and modern but much warmer than Chipotle with its dark wood and dim lighting. I carry my camera on me at all times but this time it was completely dead so I had to rely on my trusty phone camera, so please excuse the poor quality pictures below.

I ordered a side salad with italian dressing. I was tempted by the wedge salad but wasn't going to attempt that as well as a burger and shake (which I was already sold on). It was a good size salad with fresh lettuce and a generous amount of carrots and cucumber. I ended up passing the last half of it onto the boyfriend to finish.

I ordered the Mr. Mariola (named after the owner himself) with a veggie burger in place of the beef. It was fresh mozzarella, thick sliced tomato, and basil pesto. It was delicious! The veggie patty was a bit too spicy for me but over-all it was a fantastic meal. I added a side of onion rings which also didn't disappoint. 

They boyfriend got the Twinsburger, a double burger with aged cheddar, bbq sauce, and tobacco onions with a side of skinny fries. He wasn't sold on the environment and atmosphere as much as I was so I was eagerly anticipating his approval of the food. Needless to say he finished his entire plate. 

We finished our meal with the Nutella Crunch milkshake and it did not disappoint. I almost ordered a root beer float but would have been disappointed had it not come in a mason jar like the website showed. Maybe next time. 

Overall it was a great meal, though next time we will call ahead because the bar stools were very uncomfortable. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Pricing was reasonable not cheap nor expensive. I am looking forward to returning and trying out a few new items. Have you been to The Rail yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lovely little DIY

In the process of switching rooms I let go of a lot of my treasured jewelry storage (seen HERE). As much as I loved and used it, I didn't feel it fit with feel of the new rooms vintage inspiration. I decided I wanted to make some DIY storage, and the first task was earrings! I have over 500 pairs of earrings and desperately needed a home for them. 

I received this shadow box as a high school graduation gift and loved the frame but didn't need the photo space. This was the perfect thing to use since it was deeper than your typical picture frame. Although a thick frame would do the trick nicely. (Valspar spray paint wasn't used on frame)

The hardest part of this project was hunting down this decorative sheet metal. I went to 2 different Lowe's stores (acquired a stalker) and spent most of the time explaining to the workers what decorative sheet metal was. (If you are in my area they have it at the Macedonia Lowe's but not at Hudson Drive). 

You will more than likely have to ask a few different workers if you are having trouble finding it. Just go to the isle with sheet metal, if no luck try another store. They had a few different patterns but I liked this one best. This was the most expensive material at $26. While I was there I also bought the Valspar white spray paint for the sheet metal for $3. There are so many fun colors you could paint yours, or silver is pretty too!

Once I cut it down to size, painted it, let it dry and put it back together I was more than pleased with how it turned out! The only thing I forgot was mini "S" hooks to hook through the holes and hang a few necklaces from. I might also add a decretive knob or two on the frame for additional storage. If I do I will post pictures on my Facebook page.

I love how it come out and might even make another one! Since I already had the frame my project totaled $39. And if you split the cost with a friend you could easily get a few frames out of one sheet! I also love that my earrings are framed because to me they are art! Most of my earrings have come from all over the world!

If you make your own DIY earring frame send me pictures at

Sunday, July 24, 2011

little loves

This week was filled with great times with great friends! Wednesday I had a wonderful impromptu girls night with my 3 best friends (it is incredibly hard to get us all together) first thrifting, then pizza in the garden at a local winery. Thursday I had a fun night at a brand spanking new burger joint in Akron on date night. And Friday I picked pounds of fresh blueberries and enjoyed blueberry corn meal pancakes made for me by a friends mother (who happens to be phenomenal cook). And some DIY projects sprinkled throughout! Lots of great posts coming this week!

Me and my best friends- Vidya, Lindsay, + Kae 
(photo is from last year)

My wonderful ladder necklace I got last week from Toony. I think I've worn it 100 times!

I loved Emily from Cupcakes + Cashmere's post on Easy Entertaining.

I am completely smitten with these dress up doll fabric wall decals from 
Love Mae Store on ETSY? Am I too old for one?

My mother passed down my great-grandmothers vanity tray to me. I love it! 
The perfect place to keep my perfumes and nail polish in my new room!

My colorful business cards! Aren't they just lovely? 
My wonderful friend and graphic designer Michael helped me with them!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

lovely local cause

I am all for a good cause and giving back so when I heard about a fundraiser for this little boy I was all ears. The local pizza joint New York To Chicago Pizzeria (NY2C) is hosting an evening to benefit a 5 year old little boy named Bryzik who had a terrible accident involving a riding lawn mower and after 5 failed surgeries to re-attach it, had to have his leg amputated at the ankle. He is now at Children's Hospital recovering. On Tuesday July 26, 2011 you can help Bryzik and his family get the funds and supplies they need to make the most of Bryzik's recovery. ALL proceeds will go directly to his medical care, therapies, adaptive equipment, etc. Even the staff of NY2C is donating all the food and time, wait staff, etc to the event. Come out for a great cause and wonderful night!

Tuesday July 26, 2011 5PM-10PM

NY2C Pizzeria 
4320 Kent Road Stow, Ohio 44224

$12- Includes either:
 Cavatelli & Meatballs, Salad, Breadstick, Drink & Dessert
Pizza, Salad, Drink & Dessert

Silent Auction and Raffle will take place including:
$150 in tanning and product from Sinfully Good Tans

will also be donating his time and proceeds!

Tickets can be purchased at the door

If you can not make the event but would like to donate please visit Home Savings Bank in Kent, Ohio Payable to: Bryzik Pruszynski Rehabilitation Fund

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lovely little obsession

I first stumbled upon Joey of Everyday Outfits through another wonderful blogger friend of mine Shasie of Live Life In Style. I was immediately drawn to Joey's blog through her personal style and the fact that she was new to the blogging world just like me! I especially loved that her blog was exactly what it claimed, everyday outfits. Things I would see a girl on the street wearing and lust after. I knew immediately Everyday Outfits would be on my list of weekly reads. Not only do I identify with her style but also with her personality! I interviewed Joey and loved getting to find out a bit more about her. I know if you read my blog then you will love hers too!

Tell me a little about yourself Joey…
I grew up in a little tropical country called Malaysia, but have been living in the UK for the past 5 years. My style only really started to evolve when I came over because I got to live through the 4 seasons which allowed me to experiment with different styles. Back in Malaysia, it’d be too hot for me to care about fashion so my staples were t-shirts, denim shorts and flip flops.

What gave you the idea to start a fashion blog and/or how did you get into blogging?
I’ve been reading fashion blogs for a couple of years now and have always wanted to start one, but was a little shy as I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable enough to pose in front of a camera AND show it to the world for all to see. Besides, I was working full time and knew I wouldn’t be that committed. When I quit my job to pursue my Masters degree, I decided that this was the best opportunity to start my blog.

What has been the best thing to come from the blog?
Honestly, it’s getting to meet so many like-minded people from all over the world. People have been really nice to me. I still feel awkward about posing, but the reassuring comments from fellow bloggers and readers have boosted my confidence quite a bit.

Any advice for newbie bloggers?
I’m still learning myself, but these tips I draw from my own experience. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have many readers, at first. Just keep in mind why you enjoy blogging and continue improving. I find that commenting sincerely on other blogs is the best way to get exposure. Personally, I never do the whole “Follow me and I’ll follow you back” as I find that if you have content that interest people and you take the time to actually read their blog and comment, they would naturally follow your blog.

What would you like to see happen with your blog and yourself in the future?
You know, I am really not sure. At the moment, it’s very much a hobby and I suppose I’ll continue to blog until…until I just don’t feel like blogging any more! :)

Where did you get your fashion sense from?
From reading fashion blogs and also from Oh, I’m also inspired by the fashion in Japanese magazines like Vivi, Cawaii, Popteen et cetera.

Your style is amazing! What are your favorite places to shop?
Thank you! That’s very flattering *blush*
My favourite places to shop are Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok! Haha no, I know what you meant. However, I just wanted to say that those 3 cities are awesome when it comes to shopping; cheap and trendy!

In the UK, I like H&M, Primark and New Look! However, I do quite a lot of online shopping on places like and eBay.

Who is your style icon?
Ooooh this is a hard one as I draw inspiration from so many different people. Can I cheat and name a few? Alexa Chung, Rumi Neely (from Fashiontoast), Vanessa Hong (from The Haute Pursuit), Lena Fuji (Japanese model), Audrey Hepburn and tons of bloggers!

One item of clothing every fashionista should own?
A plain white vest. Perfect for layering or on its own (with a pair of pants, shorts, skirt, anything, really).

Best fashion/style tip you have ever heard?
Cutting up old jeans and turning them into denim shorts.

And your daily blog reads…
Yours is definitely one of them! I like it that you blog not only about fashion, but you also tell us about events you attended, things that you find interesting (cute stationery, quirky jewellery) and so on.
Honestly, I’m a bit of a blog-addict, so I go through tons every day!

Thanks Joey for taking the time to share all your answers with all of us! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

you're invited

As many of you already know I am a Mark Rep. Mark is a edited and affordable line of high quality beauty and fashion products. I started selling Mark because I loved the products and thought it would be a fun way to make money, get the newest products first, and of course get the discount. Unlike many other companies that use representatives to sell, Mark doesn't have any fine print. I don't have to worry about being required to place a order every month, or recruiting a certain amount of reps. There is no minimum amount for orders. Mark is all about what you make of it, and I love that about the company! 

I personally sell as a small side job, but many reps I know sell full-time and are constantly taking free trips to New York and other amazing places. If you want to sign up to sell Mark click here and use the referral code #6584955. And no need to worry about not knowing how to get started. You will be assigned a Mark mentor who will help you with your business. 

Now down to business,
to my MARK open house!

WHEN: Saturday, July 30 4-7 PM
WHERE: Nervous Dog Cafe
4161 Steels Pointe, 
Suite 1000
Stow, OH 44224
ABOUT: There will be plenty of samples 
and swag to go around! 
Not to mention prizes, drawings, 
discounts and more!

RSVP via Facebook or to

I have talked about quite a few of my favorite Mark products with all of you via my beauty love list's. 
And if you purchase any of my favorite products you will get 10% off that product! 

6. Lash All You Want Mascara- $10 (coming soon)

If you can't make the party but would like to try one of my favorites just send me an e-mail (lmh.mark@gmail) and I will still honor the 10% off!

Not to mention check out the great new FALL products coming out just in time for my open house!

 I am completely smitten with the fall fedora above and the boyfriend blazer below! 
(everything in picture below, except white tee is MARK)

Of course I would love for you to host your own Mark party
Hostess get the rep discount of 30% off entire order + special hosting gift!
If you would like to host but are worried about location I can provide the place or we can set up an online/book party!

Contact me for hosting info @

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When I first heard about this brand spanking new site and idea I was all over it! 
I was amazed that no one had thought of it before. What is Swuni, you ask? 
I'll let the experts and genius minds over at Swuni give you the 411.

It just happened again… it’s that time of the month, and you’re out of your favorite tampons and pads.
There is finally a solution –
Never again will you run out of the “stuff” u need when you need it!

Welcome to Swuni!
 Swuni is a subscription based service, offering monthly deliveries of your favorite brands of tampons and pads, in the amount you need when you need them. Tell us when you would like to receive your “stuff” and Swuni will make sure that you receive them at least one week prior, wrapped with love and sure to make you smile! 

Swuni is days away from launching our website, which will allow you to:
-Sign up for your monthly subscription
-See current contests and promotions…they are going to be awesome!
-Check out our causes –a portion of every purchase is donated to our favorite organizations or yours.
-We also offer great referral incentives… we don’t want to tell you too much just yet!

Stop by and sign up to be the one of our early adopters. Once you have signed up you can check out our Facebook Fan page or our trouble shooting and customer service oriented twitter account.

There is so much more that we want to share with you, but you’ll have to wait!
Until then spread the word and thanks for your support!

Love and smiles

Sunday, July 10, 2011

little loves

Maybe it was the long weekend but this week flew by! The week was all work and no play for me but I did make some progress on my new room, post coming soon! 

 Loving the clothing swap that fellow bloggers Jessica + Lauren started! 
Check out Jessica's post here!

How amazing are these custom business + calling cards from Rifle Paper Co. ?! 
For something that stands out from the ordinary.

This fun and funky tape from Mod Cloth is calling my name. The possibilities are endless!

I have been longing to find the perfect worn in, affordable, and classic jean jacket and finally found it this week at AEO. You can bet I'll be getting this immediately so I can wear it in the quickly approaching fall weather.

I'm still a kid when it comes to seeing hot air balloons in the sky, so when this beautiful one floated by on the perfect summer night it was a great way to end my week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

lovely little find

I was first introduced to Tied Up and Tousled through my best friend who's hair stylist Kate is the creative mind behind all of it. I was immediately smitten with the one of a kind pieces mixing vintage, whimsy, and simplicity.  Kate is a hair stylist by trade, studied fashion design at Kent State, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles from Kent State.  Kate had been melding her talents by making headbands just for fun, but last year after spending a few months in NYC she decided she wanted to take the next step.  With $1,000 in the T+T company bank account, off she went!  After 9 months T+T sales have reached people in Brazil, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Italy and throughout the States.  T+T is a grassroots company and generates buzz through social media and trunk shows/art walks.  Kate personally make every band by hand. Kate has just recently left her full time job and moved to Portland in an attempt to grow the business.  And so the dream continues...

I especially love the trio's that can be worn as a bracelet, headband, or necklace.
And the tassel necklace!

As always my readers can save 15% off with the promo code "lovely" at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

why didn't i think of it thursday

By now you all know how much I love Pinterest. I can not sing its praises enough! I find myself constantly pinning ideas that make me say out loud "why didn't I think of that?!". Coincidentally I also love being organized. There is something so calming about organization. I thought it would be fun to share those ideas with all of you! Of course you can follow me on Pinterest and see all my pins.

1. I'm all for this brilliant idea to hold all your cables and wires where they are easily accessible with clamp clips. Originally from Paige + Modern.

2. Keep extra sheets in their coordinating pillow cases. Looks great and keeps them together. Originally from Storage/Glee.

3. This was definitely one of those "AHA" moments. Cut watermelon into triangle pieces and serve on popsicle sticks. I love this idea! Especially for cookouts and picnics. 

4. I adore the idea of using a permanent pen to color staples a fun color. The gold especially looks great! Originally from Twig & Thistle.

5. You already know how much I love lace so when I saw this DIY lace short I was immediately smitten! Such a fun way to revamp old shorts! Originally from lace-and-leather.

6. Get a simple wooden book rack to hold your cutting boards inside your kitchen cabinets. Such a space saver! Originally from The Family Handyman.

A good friend of mine bought me this book she swears by and I am now on a mission to organize every aspect of my life. I will of course document this adventure and share all the good tips and details with all of you! If you need some organization I highly recommend this book. If focuses on one task per week and lasts for an entire year.

Monday, July 4, 2011

little loves

It was a truly great week! After the baby shower was all said and done I finally had time to get my hair done and feather extensions (blog post to come). On Saturday my boyfriends funk band had their first Cleveland show, and Sunday was spent with The Cleveland Orchestra, a picnic, my boy, and fireworks. I hope all of you had an amazing holiday weekend too!

Love the funky mix of casual + classy in these hand blown wine glasses 
from A + R, perfect for summer picnics!

Stumbled upon this blog via Pinterest and found this Cheesy-Garlic Pesto Bread
Um yes please! I will be making this ASAP!

 Growing up my grandmother always made me Cinnamon-Raisin grilled cheese, and 
I still love it to this day. I know it sounds strange but it works for some reason. 
My favorite cheese to use is mozzarella. YUMMY! 
(no all those sandwiches aren't mine, the boyfriend shared with me)

It seems every little loves post has SOMETHING via Lauren Conrad or The Beauty Department but there is just such good things to share! I adore the subtle yet vibrant tye-dye ends Lauren took a chance with. 

In the process of moving into my new room I stumbled across some of my small collections. 
Vintage Mason jars, and fun (mostly foreign) soda glasses.

Friday, July 1, 2011

apl metromix fashion show

If you know anything about me you know I love fashion, but I love animals even more! So when I heard about the APL Metromix Fashion Show I was all in. The Cleveland APL is a non-profit humane society made possible only through fundraising, donations, foundation and cooperate support, and service fees. The wonderful people at MetroMix, Virgina Marti College, and WKYC have teamed up with players wives from the Indians, Browns, and Gladiators to throw this amazing charity fashion show.

This show is taking place July 23 at the beautiful and historic Old Arcade in downtown Cleveland. The night will be filled with cocktails, fashion, food, fun, and of course a great cause

We would love for you to join the festivities and help out this deserving cause! Email Erica for tickets

$12 General Admission- In Advance
$18 General Admission- At The Door
$30 VIP Admission

RSVP to the event via Facebook HERE!

If you can not attend the event (though you'll be missing out on a good one) you can still help out this amazing cause by mailing check donations to 
Erica Wilke
 1333 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

I really do hope to see you there!