Monday, July 4, 2011

little loves

It was a truly great week! After the baby shower was all said and done I finally had time to get my hair done and feather extensions (blog post to come). On Saturday my boyfriends funk band had their first Cleveland show, and Sunday was spent with The Cleveland Orchestra, a picnic, my boy, and fireworks. I hope all of you had an amazing holiday weekend too!

Love the funky mix of casual + classy in these hand blown wine glasses 
from A + R, perfect for summer picnics!

Stumbled upon this blog via Pinterest and found this Cheesy-Garlic Pesto Bread
Um yes please! I will be making this ASAP!

 Growing up my grandmother always made me Cinnamon-Raisin grilled cheese, and 
I still love it to this day. I know it sounds strange but it works for some reason. 
My favorite cheese to use is mozzarella. YUMMY! 
(no all those sandwiches aren't mine, the boyfriend shared with me)

It seems every little loves post has SOMETHING via Lauren Conrad or The Beauty Department but there is just such good things to share! I adore the subtle yet vibrant tye-dye ends Lauren took a chance with. 

In the process of moving into my new room I stumbled across some of my small collections. 
Vintage Mason jars, and fun (mostly foreign) soda glasses.


  1. OMG, the tie dyed ends are INCREDIBLE!!!! have to do that after the wedding. OMG! AH! So glad you had a great holiday weekend!!!!


  2. i'm pretty sure i gave you one of those bottles from honduras or nicaragua!! congrats on the examiner spotlight. <3ly ;)

  3. I love the dyed ends. Its so fun, and easy.

  4. the dyed ends are neat, seems like the color would fade out fast though.

  5. sarah- YES I AGREE!! you have the perfect hair for that! wish i could do it but it would show in mine :(

    shasie- they are so cool! and hand blown!

    digame algo loco- im sure you gave me more than one! and thanks it was a great article!

    MYB- i totally agree! wish my hair would show they color if i did it!

    Stacey- cheesy garlic pesto bread YES! haha and i can not thank you enough for the article!! it was AMAZING!!

    holly- they are neat! color probably would fade pretty fast though! :(