Friday, July 29, 2011

lovely little local

Last week while on my way to the boyfriends house I spotted a billboard that caught my eye, it boosted of classic burgers and milkshakes at a new spot called The Rail.  And as usual when I got to my boyfriends house we spent 20 minutes trying to decide where to eat that night. I finally made our decision for us and we headed to check out Akron's new burger joint. Attached to the outside of summit mall was a "chipotle-esque" looking exterior. When we walked inside we were immediately greeted by the hostesses. They said there was about a half hour wait for the booths but we could sit at the bar or at the community table. We decided on the long community table surrounded by bar stools. Once we were settled we learned The Rail had only opened the day before.

Pictures above all courtesy of The Rail

The environment was Chipotle meets The Lockview. It was hip and modern but much warmer than Chipotle with its dark wood and dim lighting. I carry my camera on me at all times but this time it was completely dead so I had to rely on my trusty phone camera, so please excuse the poor quality pictures below.

I ordered a side salad with italian dressing. I was tempted by the wedge salad but wasn't going to attempt that as well as a burger and shake (which I was already sold on). It was a good size salad with fresh lettuce and a generous amount of carrots and cucumber. I ended up passing the last half of it onto the boyfriend to finish.

I ordered the Mr. Mariola (named after the owner himself) with a veggie burger in place of the beef. It was fresh mozzarella, thick sliced tomato, and basil pesto. It was delicious! The veggie patty was a bit too spicy for me but over-all it was a fantastic meal. I added a side of onion rings which also didn't disappoint. 

They boyfriend got the Twinsburger, a double burger with aged cheddar, bbq sauce, and tobacco onions with a side of skinny fries. He wasn't sold on the environment and atmosphere as much as I was so I was eagerly anticipating his approval of the food. Needless to say he finished his entire plate. 

We finished our meal with the Nutella Crunch milkshake and it did not disappoint. I almost ordered a root beer float but would have been disappointed had it not come in a mason jar like the website showed. Maybe next time. 

Overall it was a great meal, though next time we will call ahead because the bar stools were very uncomfortable. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Pricing was reasonable not cheap nor expensive. I am looking forward to returning and trying out a few new items. Have you been to The Rail yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Very nice!! Always fun to be one of the first few people to try out a new restaurant.

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. O MY GOODNESS!!!! I want to throw down that burger Steven ate!!