Tuesday, January 29, 2013

clarisonic review + tips vlog

Hey Lovelies!
I know I pulled the disappearing act on you once again but I really think I'm back on the bandwagon for good this time. It really took me some time to get out of the holiday slacking mode, plus this winter weather has got me feeling extra lazy! But I have been filming new VLOGS to share, like this one that I have wanted to film for a while now!

I have been asked SO MANY times about my Clarisonic MIA, what I think of it, what tips and pointers I have for it, etc. I like filming videos for things like this because I feel like they are more honest than a typical written post. I REALLY adore my Clarisonic and I can honestly say it completely changed my skin. It is a staple in my routine and I don't know how I lived without it before (unhappily I guess). 

Take a few minutes to watch my review, and find out why I love my MIA so much (I cancelled my dermatologist appointment and have no reason to go anymore), some tips on brush heads, as well as my cleansers I use with my MIA!

I hope you lovelies enjoy and of course I would LOVE to hear some feedback! 
Do you own a Clarisonic? If so what model, and what is your Clarisonic story?
Do you own the Olay ProX? Thoughts and feedback?
Do you want to buy a Clarisonic? What is holding you back?

Stay tuned this week for another video with my HIGHLY REQUESTED makeup + beauty collection and storage! 

I've missed you lovelies!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

little loves

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays! I have enjoyed my little blogging break and spending time with family and friends. I can't wait to fill you all in on some of the wonderful things coming this year! I have lots of fun new posts coming up including a new beauty love list, and of course GIVEAWAYS, so stay tuned!

 Got this gorgeous shellac mani from my lovely Lynn at New Awakenings in Stow. I got this done on the 20th and they STILL look amazing and haven't even chipped! You have got to try shellac, and ask for my girl Lynn (tell her I sent you). The boyfriend had a gig the weekend before Christmas so I put on my band shirt, this stunned skirt from express, some combat boots, and this gold blazer I found in my moms closet. I actually really loved this look, it felt very "rocker chic" of me.

 As you lovelies already know, December 25th is mine and the bf's anniversary so we went out to celebrate on Christmas Eve this year. I got all dolled up in my new Dorothy Perkins dress and Aldo pumps. My hair didn't turn out as planned but I actually still loved it a lot (and so did the bf). I LOVED my dress, but HATED these shoes. I was so bummed at the pure discomfort of these pumps and even though I planned on wearing them for NYE too I ended up getting a new air because I couldn't even stand to wear these for another minute. 

 Some of my favorite Christmas goodies! Mom surprised me with this gorgeous navy blue MK pea-coat and MK leather gloves. I actually don't own a single short winter coat so I was really excited to get one for my coat collection! 

My brother and his wife found this killer KS piano phone case, that I am smitten with. LOVE IT so much! 

My best friends and I do a gift exchange every year and one of my bestie's Lindsay got me this beautiful necklace with an Ohio, New York, and heart charm (both her and my other best friend live in NY). I'll snap a picture wearing it so you can see how great it is, and the size! Its from a lovely little company called Brooklyn Charm.

My brother and his wife also got me a DRESS FORM! This was one of the best gifts because I had been wanting one FOREVER and was totally surprised by it! 

My mom got me this killer MUFE concealer palette that I have had my eye on! I will let you know what I think of it once I get a few chances to play!
 I had been wanting this Kate Spade necklace ever since I saw it on Revenge but I resisted during the holidays so I could spend money on others instead, but when my grandmother gave me some holiday cash and insisted I use it for something fun I knew exactly where it was going. I scored a great deal on this through ebay and couldn't love it more! 

 Was thrilled to get a very generous package from one of my favorite ever skin care lines, Mario Badescu. I LOVE this line and can't wait to film a video talking all about how awesome they are and possibly even a GIVEAWAY too! If you can't wait until then go snatch up some of the goodies at Ulta. You won't be disappointed. 
 Snapped a picture on NYE when I started my "dolling up" process in my new lipstick sweater from my bother and his wife. 

 Loved my NYE BB Dakota dress I got from 6pm.com! I of course wore my favorite gold jewelry, and back seam tights, and the new shoes I got since the Aldo pair I got originally were too painful. I hit the shoe lottery with this pair I found by Antonio Melani. They had a ton of padding in the ball of the foot, were super glitzy for NYE, and on sale! I was hesitant about them being silver, since I was wearing gold but I needed up loving them with the outfit. 

On New years day I hit up the mall with my family and wore this simple outfit. I guess I probably should have ironed the shirt looking at it now, but oh well! 

Found these adorable studs from Nordstrom and picked up an L and an S of course! They are so sweet and simple I could wear them everyday!

Hope you lovelies have a great week ahead! I'll be updating the blog again regularly, so be sure to check back soon!