Wednesday, December 19, 2012 giveaway

Hey Lovelies!!

This is a QUICK and easy giveaway for you! A little while back I had the amazing opportunity to review a pair of glasses from the company and I fell in love with the company and the glasses of course!

Check out my review below, and listen to me ramble!

I was thrilled when Firmoo reached out to me again to run a MAJOR GIVEAWAY for my lovely readers! They have been generous enough to offer up $20 vouchers for 25 readers! Yes you read that right, 25 of you are going to WIN! The vouchers expire December 25 so winners will be contacted on December 22, make sure you have your cart ready to go!

To ENTER this giveaway you MUST complete these three tasks:
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3. Leave a comment telling me which pair is you favorite and your EMAIL!

Winners will be notified via email AND announced on this widget. Wining vouchers are only valid until December 25 so make sure you ACT FAST and pick your pair! Vouchers are valid on ANY order excluding designer glasses.

Please read the official rules and conditions. If you have any questions please email me at

Good Luck Lovelies!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

It was a crazy week so my little loves is running a little behind, sorry. I am coming down with a case of holiday-itis! I hope you lovelies all had a wonderful week and are getting excited for the holidays!

 Sunday I wore out my new Express skirt. I love the simple design and detail on it, which I wish you could see more of. I guess I was feeling a little bit monotone since I ended up in this ensemble! At least I have the red nails right?

 Got a sweet little treat from Jose Eber last week just in time for #MaskMonday. I was super intrigued by this tool that repairs damaged hair. I will definitely let you know my thoughts and if it holds up to its claims! Oh and be on the lookout for a GIVEAWAY with one of these tools worth like $200 ;)

 Got my December Birchbox last week too! I had been wanting this little Mox balm since I saw them arriving in BB's a few months back so I was glad to finally score one! The "Balm" Hot Mama shadow is so adorable! The RTR credit is $50 of any rental of $125 or more which I won't be using so if any of you lovelies want it let me know and it's all yours!

 My #MaskMonday picks this week were the Lea Journo mask c/o, Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask, and the new Jose Eber Therapy RX tool in conjunction with Rusk Leave-On Treatment. What did you lovelies use?

 My lovely blogger friend and fellow Bloom Beauty Ambassador, Cassie from More Mascara Please came over to use the Megan Miller polish I got in my last Ambassador box (that I can't use due to my shellac) and we put together this Champagne polish and navy glitter due. We definitely aren't manicurists but we liked how it turned out!

I have a great GIVEAWAY this week from one of my FAVORITE companies, Snoozer Loser NY! You can enter to win this beautiful hand crafted scarf worth $42 below! GO GO GO! Only two days left!

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful week! 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

lovely little find + giveaway

I can't remember where I first saw the scarf that sparked an obsession but when I saw it I knew I HAD TO FIND IT for my now sister-in-law. Everybody has their "thing" (like how mine are hearts, or my best friends is whales, or my grandmas is frogs, and so on) and my sister-in-law's "thing" is scissors. She's the crafty and creative type, and owns a scissor accessory or two but not a scarf! Like most accessories that involve an object or animal they can easily come off tacky and childish but I loved how artsy and abstract Snoozer Loser's scarfs were. 

Photo Credit: Snoozer Loser NY

Once I hunted down the company I saw they no longer carried the scissor scarf (from a past season) but I am not one who gives up that easily! I quickly started my "sherlock-holmes-ing" of the world wide web and finally found an old ETSY site for Snoozer Loser. I messaged them immediately and told them I was looking for the antique scissor scarf and would you believe they had one left in stock in the color I wanted!? Of course I snatched it up RIGHT AWAY, it was scarf gifting fate!

Photo Credit: Snoozer Loser NY

Don't worry they now carry a wide variety of the gorgeous Antique Scissor Scarf ;)

And that is how my SL.NY obsession began! Once I got the scarf in the mail I was so impressed with the quality, 
the fabric, the hand painted designs, and the look and feel! Of course my SIL loved it (and even carries SL.NY 
in her SHOP now). 

SAILBOAT SCARF!? I'm smitten.

I love that Snoozer Loser takes an eco-conscious approach to making their pieces, only ordering what they need, making to order, and using natural dyes and pigments to color their items. When you see and feel a SL.NY item you can tell, and your skin can tell the difference in great quality fabric.

So naturally I am THRILLED to get the chance to work with Snoozer Loser on this lovely little find post and show all you lovelies how wonderful they are! Snoozer Loser NY was even kind enough to offer up not only a exclusive 10% OFF discount for my readers, but also a killer hand painted SL.NY scarf to win as well!

They sent me their two best selling, beautiful, scarfs (one for me and one for you) and I had a really tough time picking which to keep and which to use for the giveaway. I finally decided on giving away the beautiful Navy + Mustard Seafan Heart Scarf (that I am still swooning over). I kept the black and silver Folk Unicorn scarf for myself, and adore it in every way!

I love wearing my scarfs as infinity/circle scarfs and it's really easy to turn any regular scarf into an infinity scarf! All you do is tie the ends to each other, and you have a perfect circle scarf. If you are really certain you'll want to wear it that style for quite some time it looks even better if you tie each piece of fringe from one side to a corresponding piece of fringe from the opposite side (it will seem like it was sewn this way, but fyi it's trickier to undo).

Enter the giveaway below, but don't forget about the exclusive discount available right now and only for a limited time! Pick up a gift, or something special jut for you! Use code LOVELYLITTLE at checkout to score 10% off

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The other options are additional entries and are not mandatory for entry. Please read the official rules and conditions. If you have any questions please email me at

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Good Luck Lovelies and Thanks Snoozer Loser!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

leivankash mood board #NokiaLVK

Hello My Lovelies!

A few weeks back I was invited to participate in a competition powered by the new Nokia Lumia 900 who partnered with the amazing, power house, and jewelry designer LeiVanKash. The incredibly talented lovely lady behind LVK is Leila Kashanipour who's style is a mix of rock, glam, magical, and all around AH-MAZING! Seriously check out some of her style images via her Twitter, and get ready to swoon!

Her pieces have gathered their very own cult like following including the likes of Rita Ora (who I have a MAJOR girl crush on),  Olivia Palermo, and more! Add me to that list because I ADORE her pieces! 


The basics of the competition were to use the Nokia Lumia 900 to capture images and gather inspiration that is inspired by one of the five LVK collections; Damocles, Flora, Persepolis, Skullmania, and Totem.

I had a difficult time at first trying to chose what collection to model my mood board after but once I read a little about each I was immediately sold on Totem. Besides LOVING animal inspired jewelry and it being spot-on-trend, I loved the concept and inspiration behind it. I was at first considering taking on a dark, gothic feel but realized that wasn't what the Totem spirit was all about. So I kept it light, free, and 

I worked my mood boards in three parts, first by picking animals that I think would make great totems, and of course beautiful jewelry. I picked a Leopard, Cheetah, Owl, and Lion (is it obvious I am a crazy cat lady?). I think owl jewelry gets the short end of the stick and most times comes off super tacky, cutesy, and cheap but I think if it's done right (which I am certain LVK can do) it could be killer. Below are my animal inspirations and thier totem qualities.  

The second part of my board are some of my daily outfits (some of them were taken prior to the Nokia Lumia 900) and the pieces of the Totem collection I would have loved to style with my looks. I love the way the Unicorn ring ties right into my Unicorn scarf in the first picture, and how the feathers embody the Owl totem I choose as inspiration. I love how the pieces in this collection are whimsical yet still classy, a seriously hard feat. One of my favorite pieces from the Totem collection are the Swan Drop Earrings I would have LOVED to pair with the maxi look below. Aren't they just gorgeous?! I also adore how simple the feather bracelets are and how they can pair up wonderfully together with contrasting metals. 


My third and final part of the board are various images captured by me or found online that embodied this collection and I hope inspire more beautiful Totem pieces to come. I love the talon style bracelet and ring (a way the Owl Totem can be represented in the right way). I included this gorgeous tassel necklace because I imagine a lions head being hidden in the knot, or feathers hidden in the tassels. 


I really loved being a part of this amazing competition and it really inspired me to find more meaning behind my jewelry. I am so smitten with not just the Totem collection but all the collections by LVK. It was so fun to play with the Nokia Lumia 900 and I was really impressed with the amazing display and layout of the screen tiles, which was so aesthetically pleasing! Do any of you lovelies use a Nokia Lumia? You could probably teach me a thing or two!

Which collection is your favorite? What Totem would you choose to guide you through life?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!
It's pretty exciting here in my little blog world!! Not only did I run am amazing giveaway last week on the blog, but also currently running one on my Facebook page as well, not to mention the KILLER line-up of giveaways coming over the next few months (I'm not kidding when I say it's some of the best stuff I've ever had the honor to giveaway. You will definitely want to stay tuned!) . 

I didn't run a little loves last week because it was too hectic of a week for me, and I didn't feel like I had enough to chat about in a post. It was a pretty boring week last week. Anyway I have been working my butt off getting ready for the holidays so I haven't had much time for play :( I even had to miss my Noto's Holiday Wine and Shop event this past week. Did any of you local lovelies make it? I have my eye on so many things there, it's probably better I missed it and saved some money ;)

 Got shellac on my nails again this week, thanks to my girl Lynn at New Awakenings Salon and Spa in Stow. I love this color, prefect pre-holiday hue. I got a lot of compliments on it too! I am LOVING shellac a lot. It is really helping with my weak nail issue. 

 Who doesn't love #maskmonday? I know I do!! It reminds me every week to not only do my hair and face mask but also do any other treatments I need. This week I went all out and did an oatmeal bath (perfect for parched winter skin), Macadamia hair mask, Neutrogena Pore mask along with Mario Badescu Drying mask, and my Sara Happ like scrub c/o Did you lovelies do #maskmonday this week? If so what treatments did you use? I am always on the lookout for new ones! And be sure to join me every Monday through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

If you haven't yet, head on over to my Facebook to ENTER TO WIN this headband worth over $75! 
Just a little THANK YOU to all my FB fans! I hit over 600 LIKES this week!

 Wore out my new Express skinnies (been looking for a black pair FOREVER) that I love, and this amazing scarf c/o Snoozer Loser NY for a casual date night. I adore Snoozer Loser's scarfs (among their other killer pieces) and have for a long time, so I thrilled to have the opportunity to offer one of their beautiful scarfs to one of you lucky lovelies THIS WEEK- so stay tuned!

I have been incredibly torn on my NYE outfit for a while now. I have to figure it out soon though because I don't want to be out of luck when it rolls around! You can check out my pinboard with some of my picks HERE, but I think I've decided on this dress above. Even though it's not very NYE (I adore the one with the sequin top and cream pleated bottom) I love it, think I can "jazz it up", can wear it again (where as I most likely couldn't for some of the sequin pieces), know the fit will flatter me (again not so sure with the pleated bottom one), and can wear tights with it. What do you lovelies think? Do you like it? 

In addition I need a pair of pumps for both NYE and XMAS Eve! Can you believe I only own one other pair of closed toed black pumps? So I have been on the hunt for a while for a sexier/ classier pair (the current pair is lower heeled and more conservative for meetings and things of that nature) and I found this pair!! I love the simplicity and class of them, yet the ever so slightly sexy ankle strap (that conveniently comes off too!). I originally was getting them to go with my XMAS eve dress (you can see that dress HERE), but now I am thinking they would be great with this NYE dress too!! What do you think? Should I get them? They are slightly on the pricier side at $100 but seeing as they are black and close toed, and I already have two events lined up for them that they could be worth it. Thoughts?

Please e-mail me at to claim your prize!

For those lovelies who didn't win and are interested in trying out MNO they have a great 6 piece sample kit for only $2.95 and I think (I think) free shipping! Totally worth it!

Hope you lovelies all had a wonderful week! See you around the blog this week! 


Monday, December 3, 2012

my experience with invisalign

So lovelies, I have something to talk about today that is a little different than my usual beauty or fashion post. I want to talk to all of you about my experience with Invisalign! I was really excited to get this opportunity to blog about Invisalign because I was already planning on sharing my experience with all of you when my treatment finished. Some of you starlet smiles lovelies might not have interest in this, and that is quite all right. I promise I have lots of great beauty and giveaway posts lined up for you soon.

Others of you lovelies however might be more like me, always conscious of which side to stand on when getting your picture taken, making sure to smile with your lips together, and generally self-conscious of your teeth and your smile

That was me for as long as I can remember. I hated my smile, and always wanted braces growing up but unfortunately we couldn't afford them. Middle school wasn't so bad since everyone else's teeth had metal all over them, mine didn't look so bad by comparison. When we got to high school however, seemed everyone traded in their brace face for beautiful straight teeth that I envied, and my insecurity about my smile was at its worst.

Just in the same way that I think it's important to recommend great beauty products to each other, I think it's important to recommend other companies that we have great experiences with too. And even more, I think it's important to be real with all of you. I have issues just like everyone else. Things I am insecure about and wish I could change. Invisalign did change one of those things I had been insecure about my whole life, and on top of that didn't add the extra insecurity of having metal braces on at age 23. 

For the past year and a half (pretty much the entire life of my little blog here) I've been wearing Invisalign. I'm wearing them in pictures on my blog, and in videos on my blog, and I'd bet you didn't even notice! That was the most wonderful thing about Invisalign! 

Once I got older and could afford braces (with the help of my loveliest mom of course, thanks mom!) I was really "put-off" about getting them because I felt I'd be just as insecure if not more for having metal braces on at 23 years old. Some people don't seem to care about getting traditional braces later on in life, but because I work in a field where I talk and interact with customers all day long I really didn't want metal braces. 

I of course had heard about Invisalign but thought it was only for simple cases (like people who already had braces and neglected their retainer too long) and that it would be too pricey. However my mom encouraged me to go to a consultation, and once we got all the info, found out my teeth were fixable through Invisalign, that they weren't any more expensive than traditional braces, and typically didn't take as long for treatment we signed on the dotted line and started the process. 

This is what I referring to when I say "set". 
Plastic retainer like molds that snap right onto your teeth. 

I am officially in my last "set" of trays and waiting for the final word from Invisalign to complete treatment. I am so happy I took the plunge and went with Invisalign because other than my close friends and family, no one even knew I had been wearing braces for almost 2 years. Co-workers, friends, and family I am not very close to sometimes would see my case or hear me mention something about my braces and be totally taken aback by not noticing. The process was incredibly simple and practically pain free, something I imagine is not the case with metal braces. 

I went in about every 2 weeks to my orthodontist for my new set and the visits were quick and painless. The only pain I ever experienced was actually more of a discomfort, when a new "set" was especially tight on my teeth and that feeling wore off within a day or two (or was subdued by a few ibuprofen). 

I included a few pictures of my smile before Invisalign although there aren't many, and the few that I have aren't great quality because like I mentioned I was extremely conscious of where I stood, and how I smiled in pictures (even my best friends knew the right side was my spot in pictures). My left canine tooth (those vampy little pointy ones) was extremely high, in pictures it even looked many times like I was missing a tooth there. Invisalign has brought that tooth down so much (as well as bringing down my other canine and straightening everything out) that I could care less what side I stand on in pictures now.

It takes a lot of guts to share such up-close pictures of my before smile. 
Only for you lovelies!

 Invisalign has completely changed my teeth and smile and I am so much more confident now. No more needing to stand on the right in pictures, or smiling with my lips closed. I love my smile, and I loved how easy and discreet the whole process was (not to mention no food restrictions!). I probably never would have gotten braces had it not been for Invisalign, and would still be hiding my smile. I honestly don't know why anyone, kids included would ever choose traditional braces over Invisalign these days. 

For any of you local lovelies you can check out where I went for treatment HERE, and the rest of you can locate a provider HERE

Do any of you lovelies have Invisalign, or have you? 
Are any of your considering it or want braces now that you're older? 

For more information, please visit Invisalign. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.