Sunday, September 30, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! It has been a really busy week for me. Of course worked, blogged, gym, date nights, babysitting, and friend dates.

 Here is a little sneak peek at a new video/blog GIVEAWAY post going up tomorrow. It's going to be a super fun one featuring a great new company you will LOVE!

 Got this top at the Noto boutique night last week and I love it! There is nothing I love more than a long tunic over leg gins with boots for fall. It is so simple and comfy yet cute! This yellow color is beautiful too!

 Been trying out all the fun stuff in my September Bloom beauty ambassador box and really loving it all. I let my hair dry naturally and didn't fuss with it at all because I didn't have to thanks to the Dermaheal shampoo + Lea Journo hair mask. It felt so healthy and beautiful!

To say I am picky when it comes to a heeled boot is a sever understatement. This pair from Aldo is actually my first because I can never find ones I like, but I love these! I got them in black this week and they are so gorgeous! The perfect heel height, the perfect heel width, and the perfect buckle (yes I did say that because a lot of heeled boots have WAY to many buckles). My plan is to stalk them until the end of the season and snatch up the brown pair on sale.

 As a blogger I am always entering fun giveaways through other blogs but when Teresa over at Delightfully Darling (one of my favorite blogs, seriously) hosted an awesome giveaway from a company called JavoEdge (tablet and phone cases/accessories) I really REALLY wanted to win because I hadn't found a cover for my Nook that I like until she introduced me to JavoEdge. I am so excited I won and I'm going to get this case, what do you think?

On Saturday I had the awesome surprise of having my doughnut brunch blog post featured on the Stella & Dot blog! It was so cool and such a lovely little honor! Head on over and check out what they had to say about my bunch and leave a comment letting them know you're a reader of mine.

Don't forget to ENTER my current giveaway HEREand for all of those of you who already have there is one NEW EXTRA ENTRY!

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

lovely little recipe

Greek Yogurt Pie

When somebody's birthday rolls around at work, and they work on their actual birthday we always get them a cake. Well when my lovely friend Tricia's birthday snuck up on us last week I just couldn't wrap my head around getting her some sugar overloaded cake from the grocery store. See Tricia is a fitness (or health or something) major and is super into eating healthy and working out (no like seriously, girl has the tightest little bod while still looking like a woman with curves). 

Anyway back to the cake debacle... I just knew I wanted to make something special and delicious that Tricia would enjoy without feeling too guilty (even 2 cakes on my birthday was a lot for me). I started brainstorming and all I could come up with was a yogurt, granola, and fruit parfait, and I just wasn't loving that idea. Then I had that light bulb moment to text my dear friend Chris who is an awesome cook, and is super health conscious and just all over awesome. He suggested a Greek Yogurt Pie, and it was a match made in heaven. Tricia loves herself some Greek Yogurt!

I did a quick Google search and pulled a recipe for a Greek Yogurt Peach Pie from The Spiffy Cookie. It had 4 ingredients and seemed too simple to be true (it also had a crust recipe but since I was buying for work and knew their budget I opted for a pre-made crust since it was cheaper). While at the store gathering my ingredients I decided to adapt the recipe and make a strawberry version too.

 You Will Need:
Each pie serves 8-12
❤ 9" Pre-made Graham Crust - Or follow recipe HERE
❤ 8 oz Light or Non-Fat Cool Whip - Thawed
❤ 12 oz 0% Greek Yogurt in desired flavor 
(I used Chobani Peach and Strawberry of course)
.30 oz box of Sugar Free Jello in desired flavor
(Again I used Peach and Strawberry)
1.5 Cups of peeled and diced peaches or strawberries, plus additional slices for topping
1/4 Cup boiling water

Pre-cut your fruits and set aside
In bowl dissolve jello packet in 1/4 cup boiling water and let cool slightly.
❤ Mix in selected yogurt flavor.
❤ Mix in fruit.
❤ Fold in Cool Whip.
❤ Pour into pie crust, filling more towards the center and less towards edges.
❤ Cool for 2-3 hours, or overnight.
❤ Top with fresh fruit once pie is set.

❤ Enjoy!

Tips + Ideas

❤ When I tried to top my pies with the fruit they were still squishy which is why I allowed them to set for a while.
❤ I think they were better the longer they sat. I had a little extra filling that I ate 24 hrs later and I think it was better from setting longest.
❤ Even though you aren't supposed to have to bake the pre-made crusts I think next time I will just for 5 minutes or make my own cause it was a bit too crumbly for my liking. Though everyone else liked it.
❤ Next time I will also press the filling into the crust a bit more because my pie seemed to have little empty pockets, unlike the picture below with is nice and solid.
❤ This pie will BLOW your mind! Seriously even the boys who had serious doubts and thought it would be disgusting loved it! It basically tastes like flavored cool whip. I preferred the peach but it was definitely a toss up since lots of people liked strawberry better.
❤ There are so many options to adapt this idea into so many other pies. I think blueberries would be great with the strawberry. I also really want to attempt a banana cream type one with vanilla Chobani yogurt, banana jello, and fresh banana (try and contain yourselves).

This photo is from Erin at  The Spiffy Cookie post where I originally got the recipe. 
Just thought I'd share another shot of the cake texture. Thanks for the great recipe Erin!

Have you lovelies ever made a yogurt pie?
Would you attempt this?
Any other flavor ideas?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

I posted this week on my Facebook page that I started noticing it seems I do a week of blogging, then a week off. Hopefully this is ok with you lovelies, because it just seems to work out that I have the time and energy to blog for a week, then the next week I'm busy and burnt out.

Either way this week is looking good and I have so much going on behind the scenes for giveaways and even started semi working on this years holiday gift guide. Which speaking of, before I get carried away with it are you lovelies interested in another gift guide with discounts? Please let me know!

Got these glasses c/o of and am loving them! I have been on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair of specks like these for a while now (even got a pair offline and they ended up being too big). I am filming a little video this week with my total review, so be on the lookout for that next week and a great deal for my readers too!

Last Sunday me and the boyfriend went to dinner at one of my favorite spots, Pub Bricco. I just love the atmosphere, feel, and vibe to it (and for some reason even more in the winter). I got this gorgeous and delicious caprese salad. Yum! What are some of your favorite local spots I should try?

For my birthday the lovely Lauren from Noto got this for me! It was so sweet of her to think of me and to know I'd be using it for a Mask Monday! I used it this past week and I loved it! I mixed mine with plain greek yogurt and a touch of water too. I let it sit about 5 minters then rinsed off. It smelled great and my skin really loves anything organic. Thanks Lauren!

 Got two other fun packages this week as well (I know, totally spoiled). The one above is from DBE of course who sent me their signature bow iPhone case. I LOVE it, seriously! The other item is this adorable book called "One Good Deed Everyday" and it gives you little tasks like "walk around your block and pick up trash" and "sneak a note into your friends purse to surprise them later", just little deeds that don't cost much. It isn't available online but they do take phone orders, check it out HERE
ps. I also got something from DBE to give to one of you! I'll post a picture next little loves.

I almost had a beauty addict heart attack when this box came, just check out all this amazing stuff c/o Bloom as part of their Beauty Ambassador Program. I will be posting reviews and pictures of all the stuff so be sure to follow me on Bloom to stay up to date!

Thursday night I had the PHSGA Boutique Night at Noto to go to, and was I ever in a rush! I hadn't pre-planned my outfit so I just threw this on and threw my wet hair into a bun. I actually got lots of compliments so I guess I didn't look too awful but I do wish I had time to iron the shirt and spend more time on my hair. These are my new leather leggings from Target though and I love them! Can't wait to try and style them other ways!
ps. I love the Noto mirror. I NEED the Noto mirror. Thanks for letting me borrow it Lauren ;)

 EEEP! Was so, SO excited to see my tweet in my beauty bible, Allure! Check it out in their October issue! I love Allure so much and it was so cool to see my tweet!

I ordered this a while back through a Facebook offer from a page called Bellum&Rouge. It was only $10.80 including shipping! It kinda looks brown here, but it's black and gold. I am planning to style it soon and snap some more pics. Although it did take a while to get it (I think this was one of their first offers, and they have gotten more organized since) they are always running really great offers, check them out HERE.

I wore this outfit out last Sunday for date night (when we went to Pub Bricco) and I just loved the way the boots and jacket edged it up. I've worn it a few times before with flats or sandals but this was a fun look for me (a little army rocker look). Of course you can get this dress through me HERE and until the 30th you can get 20% off with the code COSMO20 (another code is WELCOME for free shipping, but you can only use one code). 

I hope you lovelies don't mind but I borrowed this killer cuff from one of you for the night because it just went so well with it. I love it so much I think I need one for myself though! Which bring me to a GIVEAWAY for this amazing cuff from one of my favorite shops Oceanne.

Shop owner Anne gave me a little info on her new line "Of Land and Lines" which The Angelique Cuff is from...
"Of land and lines is my newest line, which was inspired by organic shapes found in nature and vintage and raw metals. I love the mix of quartz and brass, especially when it starts weathering."


Good Luck Lovelies! 

Also there is only 4 more days to VOTE FOR ME, so please do! I need your help! Thank you!

Please let me know if you'd like to see a gift guide this year!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

Hope all of you had a great week! As always mine was pretty low key and simple. Had date nights, kickboxing, and work, but I did have my first ever Zumba class. I really liked it! Do any of you lovelies take Zumba? 

I also went in to Ulta and got another facial (I know I am ADDICTED) but they were running a special for their Dermalogica Skin Treatment facial (normally $55) for $30, so of course I had to get in on that! Also don't forget until the 22nd you can get one of the Targeted Skin Treatment facials for $10 (normally $20). I recommend the flash exfoliation. 
ps. If any of my local lovelies want to go to Cathy at the Stow Ulta, and get a treatment for $30 or more I have a referral card I can get to you and you will save $15 that day! Just let me know and we can figure out how to get the card to you :)

 Got two lovely packages this week, and guess what? They are both for you! The first one is a beautiful cuff from Oceanne and the killer statement piece from Glam Grab! Stay tuned over the next 2 weeks to enter to win!

 I told you I was addicted to The Big Fix by Mark! I stocked up on them this week and will probably grab some more while they are so cheap. This 15-in-one Benefits Balm can be used to soften cuticles, smooth rough feet, elbows, and knees, calm flyaway hairs, and tame eyebrows. And a million other uses too! Not to mention it's fair trade and smells amazing (cocoa butter, vanilla, and olive oil). 

This balm normally runs $10 but right now is only $5! Get one (or a couple) while this deal lasts, cause it won't last long! While you're browsing check out some of my other favorites like this, this, this, or this!

There are two promo codes you can use WELCOME for free shipping (first time buyers only) or COSMO20 to get 20% off your order (good until the end of the month, and only once). 

As always if you have any Mark questions do not hesitate to contact me about them! I'd be happy to send a sample pack your way too!

Now I am going to ask you lovelies a HUGE favor! I entered a contest hosted by Benefit + The Fashion Police about my best beauty moment and I really REALLY want to win. You can vote once a day and I would so appreciate any votes you could send my way. If any of you would be so kind to share with your friends, or followers and ask them to vote too that would just knock my beauty socks right off! I can't do this without you!

Vote HERE, and vote often! 
Please and Thank you!

Also so super sorry, I totally forgot to pick a winner for the FNO tote! I can't believe no one asked me about it! Well either way it goes to the lovely...

Davia Gorman

Congrats lovely! Please email me at to claim your tote!

Thank you to all who entered! And don't worry, there are lots of awesome giveaways coming your way!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

adore me vlog review

I had the awesome opportunity to work with the company Adore Me on a review. For those of you who don't know what Adore Me is, it is an online subscription service that hand picks lingerie, intimates, and nightwear based on a style profile you create. Once you subscribe you pick one "set" or item a month to be shipped right to your door for $39.95 (that includes bra + undies) and FREE shipping and returns. There is never an obligation to buy monthly, and if your budget is too tight you always have the option to skip a month. 

Adore Me is an awesome subscription to have on hand because their items are really unique and high quality. For special occasions or moments when you need a specific bra for a top, or just because. As I mention in the video Adore Me offers gift subscriptions (one time, 3 months, 6 months, and year) which are awesome as bridal shower, lingerie shower, or bachlorette party gifts. Pull together a group of girls and give a unique gift that gives all year long. You can even pick her first item (such as the beautiful white silk robe below) to wrap up with the gift card. 

There is no obligation or fee to sign up and create a style profile, so take a moment and create a profile and see what it is all about.


Check out my video to see what set I picked and all about my thoughts on the company and service!

Do any of you lovelies subscribe to Adore Me?
Are you interested in subscribing?
Which set or item is your favorite?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

lovely little getaway

I have the wonderful privilege of sharing my birthday week with my boyfriend, and I love it. It is so nice to turn the entire week, weekend, etc into our own special days and celebration. We even turn the same age! This year my gift to him was a trip to Detroit for the Detroit Jazz Festival. 

Since we have been together (going on 4 years) he has talked about going to this festival every year but it's never quite worked out before. This year it just worked perfectly with our birthdays over Labor Day weekend and our work schedules both allowing us to take the time away. 

Having never been to Detroit before I was clueless on where to stay but I knew I wanted to be within walking distance of the festival. We had the amazing opportunity to stay at the Downtown Courtyard by Marriott and I couldn't have dreamed up a better fit for us. 

Immediately upon walking in it felt clean and friendly. Of course the boyfriend was instantly drawn to the baby grand in the lobby (i.e. match made in hotel heaven). The service was spot on and we even got upgraded to an Executive King Room with a killer view.

We were all the way up on the 18th floor, which I loved. As soon as we walked in our room my inner control freak let out a huge sigh of relief. Staying in a hotel is never the most pleasant experience but this room was clean, neat, spacious, and comfortable. There was even a welcome letter and snacks (of course those m&m's were opened immediately). We had a little sitting area, a desk, kitchen sink, mini fridge, microwave, and safe. The bed was clean and comfy with a big TV, and each side of the bed had little outlets to charge your phone (loved that feature). Our bathroom was super spacious and nice too!

The Downtown Courtyard by Marriott is directly across from the GM Center (filled with little shops, movie theatre, and other fun things) and is even connected by a walkway. The Courtyard is also one of the stops in the "People Mover", a little train system that runs through the city. The picture above is the view from our room (yep that's Windsor, Ontario on the other side of that river).

The festival was so much fun, and SO MANY people were there. I was so happy with our location, we just woke up every morning and walked less than five minutes the the festival. Having been my first trip to the city (and Steven's first since he was in grade school) we would have loved to explore more outside of the festival, had we had any extra time. I would love to go back and check out the aquarium, the Motown museum, and so much more! 

The festival's schedule kept us incredibly busy, hardly even allowing us time to eat. On the first night we were there, when the festival ended around 11.30 at night we were starving. One quick call to the front desk, and they supplied us with 5+ menus of places that were still open and would deliver to us. They even recommended a great local pizza joint that we loved! There is really nothing that makes me happier than awesome customer service and this hotel exceeded at it every time.

We have already talked about going back soon to spend time in the city doing some more activities. If and when we do I would not even think about staying anywhere other than the Courtyard. We loved the hotel, the location and everything that came with it. And if we don't make it back until next year you can find us at the Courtyard again of course!

Have you ever been to Detroit?
What should we put on our "must-do" list for next time?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!
Hope all is well with you! Thanks for giving me a little blogger break last week. It was great to just take some days to myself for my birthday, the boys birthday, and Labor Day weekend. So I have THREE weeks to fill you in on since I've been MIA.

The week of the 20th was the week before my (and my boy's) birthday week so I got ready with a hair appointment, my first facial, and a pedicure. 

I think I might have mentioned to you lovelies I have officially stopped dying my hair (since November of last year), so I had my go to girl Lynn (at New Awakening's Salon in Stow) do a "clear top coat" treatment which would just make my natural color richer and add shine. I love, love, LOVE how it turned out and I got so many compliments on it. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who's pretty happy with their natural color and just want to enhance it.

I got my first ever facial at Ulta at the Dermalogica bar and seriously I LOVED IT! I loved it so much that I went back and got another 4 days later, and I have another scheduled for next week! I got the 20 minute flash exfoliation and it did wonders for my skin, and cleared up pretty much all my blemishes. Right now they are running a special for the 21 Days of Beauty for new customers to get a 20 minute facial for $10. Seriously I am super jealous I can't use that offer because it is an awesome deal! Go get one by 9/22.

And of course pedi's with my mom. I stole this jumper from her closet and paired it with my new anchor Noto belt. I loved this outfit because it felt so stylish but with no effort involved.

I also got a little surprise in the mail from my lovely little ladies over at Small Girls PR. They sent me the book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" which has been made into a movie and hits theatre's September 21st. Since music is so central to the books theme they also made an awesome playlist on Spotify which you can check out HERE.

That Saturday I hosted my Stella + Dot brunch, which you can read all about HERE.

And of course the usual with date nights, working, and kickboxing. 

The following week of the 27th was madness and I was running crazy all week trying to get ready for the birthday celebrations and for leaving town that weekend. 

I got Shellac done on my nails by my lovely lady Lynn again (book with her HERE) on my birthday. I am trying to find something that will help my nails be stronger so they can grow. It has now been over a week since I got them done and I can not believe they still look so good and none of the nails have started to peel and break like they always do. I will keep you lovelies informed on the progress but thus far, I am loving it!

Thursday we (myself and my boy) had a birthday party with our close friends on the Lockview rooftop patio. I ordered a delicious (I'm talking seriously delicious) cake from Judy's Sweet Sensations that was a huge hit with everyone. We went with triple chocolate cake, with half truffle filling and half mocha filling. Everyone had at least 2 big pieces and could not stop talking about how good it was.

I wore my new Loft purple skinnies and this adorable new yellow lace peplum top from Noto.

The following day, Friday I went out with my mom, Aunt, and Grandma to our bi-annual event of shoes + sushi (we do it on my moms birthday in April and on mine in August). First we hit up DSW, where I was very practical and picked up a small black cross body bag for Detroit and new kickboxing shoes.

Then we went to my favorite Sushi place, Big Eye Japanese in Fairlawn where we smashed on our favorites (their crab puffs are out of this world) edamame, asparagus tempura rolls, and more.

Some of my awesome and over the top birthday gifts. 
Kate Spade owl Salt + Pepper shakers.
A sweet little cupcake from my nail lady.
A BN Nook Color + Gurgle Pot.
Marc by Marc Jacobs casual watch.
Package from Florida packed with all kinds of goodies. Love that Apple tote so much.

That Saturday we left for Detroit and I will be doing a whole separate post on that this week, so stay tuned. It was so much fun but when we got back I was exhausted! 

Therefor this week was super lame and chill. I just worked and stayed at home catching up on blog stuff and other odds and ends. 

I did of course make time to check out the new Yogurt Vi in Kent (who was giving away free yogurt) on Friday with my mom. It was delicious and I think its better than Menchies or Sweet Frog. They had more toppings than any other fro-yo place I've ever been to.

I also forgot to mention in my lovely little events post about Akron's Restaurant Week that starts this week! This is the second year that Akron is doing this, and I think it is awesome! Basically different downtown Akron restaurants put out special menus for the week (most of them are for dinner for 2) with special pricing. So if there is a spot you've been meaning to try, then is the week to grab a friend or go out for date night and score some awesome deals. Or just hit up one of your favorites, which I think we will be doing when we go to Lockview this week ;) 

Also quick *AMAZING BEAUTY ALERT*. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE PRODUCTS is on sale right now for $5, normally $10. You may remember me featuring it HERE, HERE, or HERE (yea I told you I loved it). I use it for everything from dry lips, elbows, knees, and feet (not the same one of course) to tame eyebrows and fly away hairs! This steal won't last long so grab it while it lasts, and use the code WELCOME for FREE SHIPPING! 

Phew! That was a lot. I hope you lovelies had a great Labor Day and don't forget to enter my current giveaway to win an exclusive Open Sky FNO tote. Enter HERE by 9/11.