Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Greek Yogurt Pie

When somebody's birthday rolls around at work, and they work on their actual birthday we always get them a cake. Well when my lovely friend Tricia's birthday snuck up on us last week I just couldn't wrap my head around getting her some sugar overloaded cake from the grocery store. See Tricia is a fitness (or health or something) major and is super into eating healthy and working out (no like seriously, girl has the tightest little bod while still looking like a woman with curves). 

Anyway back to the cake debacle... I just knew I wanted to make something special and delicious that Tricia would enjoy without feeling too guilty (even 2 cakes on my birthday was a lot for me). I started brainstorming and all I could come up with was a yogurt, granola, and fruit parfait, and I just wasn't loving that idea. Then I had that light bulb moment to text my dear friend Chris who is an awesome cook, and is super health conscious and just all over awesome. He suggested a Greek Yogurt Pie, and it was a match made in heaven. Tricia loves herself some Greek Yogurt!

I did a quick Google search and pulled a recipe for a Greek Yogurt Peach Pie from The Spiffy Cookie. It had 4 ingredients and seemed too simple to be true (it also had a crust recipe but since I was buying for work and knew their budget I opted for a pre-made crust since it was cheaper). While at the store gathering my ingredients I decided to adapt the recipe and make a strawberry version too.

 You Will Need:
Each pie serves 8-12
❤ 9" Pre-made Graham Crust - Or follow recipe HERE
❤ 8 oz Light or Non-Fat Cool Whip - Thawed
❤ 12 oz 0% Greek Yogurt in desired flavor 
(I used Chobani Peach and Strawberry of course)
.30 oz box of Sugar Free Jello in desired flavor
(Again I used Peach and Strawberry)
1.5 Cups of peeled and diced peaches or strawberries, plus additional slices for topping
1/4 Cup boiling water

Pre-cut your fruits and set aside
In bowl dissolve jello packet in 1/4 cup boiling water and let cool slightly.
❤ Mix in selected yogurt flavor.
❤ Mix in fruit.
❤ Fold in Cool Whip.
❤ Pour into pie crust, filling more towards the center and less towards edges.
❤ Cool for 2-3 hours, or overnight.
❤ Top with fresh fruit once pie is set.

❤ Enjoy!

Tips + Ideas

❤ When I tried to top my pies with the fruit they were still squishy which is why I allowed them to set for a while.
❤ I think they were better the longer they sat. I had a little extra filling that I ate 24 hrs later and I think it was better from setting longest.
❤ Even though you aren't supposed to have to bake the pre-made crusts I think next time I will just for 5 minutes or make my own cause it was a bit too crumbly for my liking. Though everyone else liked it.
❤ Next time I will also press the filling into the crust a bit more because my pie seemed to have little empty pockets, unlike the picture below with is nice and solid.
❤ This pie will BLOW your mind! Seriously even the boys who had serious doubts and thought it would be disgusting loved it! It basically tastes like flavored cool whip. I preferred the peach but it was definitely a toss up since lots of people liked strawberry better.
❤ There are so many options to adapt this idea into so many other pies. I think blueberries would be great with the strawberry. I also really want to attempt a banana cream type one with vanilla Chobani yogurt, banana jello, and fresh banana (try and contain yourselves).

This photo is from Erin at  The Spiffy Cookie post where I originally got the recipe. 
Just thought I'd share another shot of the cake texture. Thanks for the great recipe Erin!

Have you lovelies ever made a yogurt pie?
Would you attempt this?
Any other flavor ideas?

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  1. So glad you tried it and loved it! Thanks for sharing you experience :-)

  2. Oh my gosh this looks so good! I can't wait to try this out perfect for summer!