Wednesday, September 12, 2012

adore me vlog review

I had the awesome opportunity to work with the company Adore Me on a review. For those of you who don't know what Adore Me is, it is an online subscription service that hand picks lingerie, intimates, and nightwear based on a style profile you create. Once you subscribe you pick one "set" or item a month to be shipped right to your door for $39.95 (that includes bra + undies) and FREE shipping and returns. There is never an obligation to buy monthly, and if your budget is too tight you always have the option to skip a month. 

Adore Me is an awesome subscription to have on hand because their items are really unique and high quality. For special occasions or moments when you need a specific bra for a top, or just because. As I mention in the video Adore Me offers gift subscriptions (one time, 3 months, 6 months, and year) which are awesome as bridal shower, lingerie shower, or bachlorette party gifts. Pull together a group of girls and give a unique gift that gives all year long. You can even pick her first item (such as the beautiful white silk robe below) to wrap up with the gift card. 

There is no obligation or fee to sign up and create a style profile, so take a moment and create a profile and see what it is all about.


Check out my video to see what set I picked and all about my thoughts on the company and service!

Do any of you lovelies subscribe to Adore Me?
Are you interested in subscribing?
Which set or item is your favorite?


  1. I am SO offended that you did that video in your PJ's! Juuuust kidding...I couldn't even tell until you mentioned it. Cute post! Loved it. Also, can I have your hair? It's so long and pretty and mine is sooo thick and wild and crazy looking. Also! I had to let you know that the coding for your button on your sidebar is wrong. I was wondering why everytime I clicked it, there was an error. Thought my internet went out. It's the first address after the a href. Have a great day!!!

    1. hahahah i am SO SORRY! thanks lovely ;) and sure we can trade hair!! i love yours!! its so pretty!! thanks for the fyi on the coding! i fixed it! :) thanks for reading and commenting!! xoxo

  2. i've never heard of them before -but their stuff looks really nice!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. it is katherine!! seriously you should just check out the site and get some of the emails!! its nice to have on hand! thanks for reading and commenting!