Tuesday, June 28, 2011

lovely little layla

This past Sunday I co-hosted a baby shower for my good friend Jayme and her baby to be Layla. From the moment I heard the news I have been scouring the internet for themes and ideas. I quickly passed off the games to the other ladies hosting with me and focused all my attention on the theme and dessert table. I settled on "Sugar and Spice" for a theme and pink, brown, white, and creme for the colors.

I wanted to make the shower look more expensive than it cost (especially because we had a small budget to work with). I hand made the banner with poster-board, ribbon, and a hole puncher. I also got 2 sheets of scrapbook paper (striped with 5 different shades of our colors), a pack of toothpicks, and glue sick and made small flags for both the brownies and croissants. Those 2 projects totaled less than $10 and really made the shower feel special.

One of my co-hosts hunted down the carafes for the chocolate, strawberry, and white milk at World Market for only $5 a piece! We filled the rest of the desert table with giant chocolate covered marshmallow pops, chocolate covered Oreos, and both chocolate and spice cupcakes.

We served chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, deli spirals, fruit kabobs, and cheese for food and cucumber water, pink lemonade, and coffee to drink. I cut up the cucumbers and lemons for the drinks the night before and froze them so they would act as ice.

I made a playlist for the shower that included everything from Spice Girls to Tim McGraw to Rihanna and Stevie Wonder. If you would like to hear my playlist CLICK HERE.

Over all the day was a wonderful success! I loved every ones reaction to my prized desert table and mini food flags.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

little loves

How amazing do these look? Frozen banana, dipped in Nutella, rolled in nuts or coconut. 
I think I am going to try granola though. Found on Pinterest of course!

If you have yet to check out the Beauty Department, you must read their "brush school" posts! 
This is part 2 of the make-up brush posts.

 I am so proud of NY for legalizing same sex marriage! Love knows no gender.

I love my friend and fellow 330 blogger Renee's blog more and more with every post! Check out the sweetest fort she built for her injured hubby.

I am so in love with this dress for New Years Eve this year! 
I love Top Shop's sequined dresses!

Friday, June 24, 2011

lovely little find

I first stumbled across the amazing quirky creations of Toony Jewelry last year at the notorious Crafty Mart. I just had to have the mini (real working) harmonica necklace I saw at the booth. I also met Barbara Baughman, the designer behind Toony. Barbara is a 20 year old college student,  jewelry and fashion designer, Polaroid lover, watercolorer, blogger, random craft maker, and vintage collector. She launched Toony in 2008 as something fun for people to enjoy. Although Toony started strictly as the name of her jewelry creations it has slowly evolved into the name of everything she creates. 

I am completely smitten with her work and can't wait to see what else she designs in the future!

"Making jewelry is a home away from home for me. I love the smile people get when they see 
something that I've made. I know that crafts won't solve the worlds problems, but we can take 
people away from them for awhile!" - Barbara Baughman

Of course I didn't forget about my readers! I snagged a special promo code just for you! 
Save 15% off your entire order when you enter the code "lovely" at checkout! 
(please note: discount can only be applied if you enter code at checkout, no exceptions)

Shop Toony HERE, and don't forget the code "lovely" to save 15%!
Happy Shopping!

If you snatch up some Toony for yourself, let me know! 
Send pictures to alovelylittleblog@gmail.com Subject: Toony

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

reader request

This reader request was really fun and different to look for!
 My reader Kaylee sent me this short and sweet e-mail:

I need your help.
I am someone that is afraid/hesitant of color in my wardrobe.
So I have turned to simple prints but I have found many to look cheesy
and or too "animal-like".
Can you help find me some print shirts/skirts to liven up my look?

Prints are tricky because many times they can come across dated. The trick to timeless prints is to stick with classic colors and patterns like stripes and dots, and black and white. That being said prints are a fun way to try out a new trend! I threw in both classic, and trendy prints. I am especially loving the tribal prints that are everywhere right now! I tried to keep the colors neutral for Kaylee but threw in a few colorful pieces too!

1. Tribal Sublimation Top- $13 at Forever 21
2. Gwen Knit Top- $25 at Alloy
3. See You Layer Top- $33 at Mod Cloth
4. Slant Wise Color Block Top- $28 at LuLu's
5. Seeing Double Stripe Tank- $38 at Nasty Gal
6. On The Edge Southwest Print Crop Top- $29 at LuLu's

1. Motel Lilly Striped Pleat Skirt- $90 at ASOS
2. Circlets And Stones Striped Maxi Skirt- $39 at LuLu's
3. Sparkle + Fade Striped Knee Length Skirt- $49 at Urban Outfitters
4. Crossing Over Striped Skirt- $28 at Threadsence
5. Moto Black Stripe Denim Hotpants- $66 at Top Shop
6. Manchester Striped Shorts- $35 at Threadsence

1. Aztec Knit Dress- $9 at Forever 21
2. Mackenzie Striped Knit Dress- $20 at Alloy
3. Hammock Time Striped Dress- $39 at LuLu's
4. Shift Dress In Spot Print-$78 at ASOS
5. Inca Trail Dress- $100 at Nasty Gal
6. Vila Button Belt Striped Sun Dress- $38 at ASOS
7. Pins + Needles Chiffon Dress- $59 at Urban Outfitters
8. Stop On By Dress- $115 at Mod Cloth
9. Summer Staple Striped Dress- $32 at LuLu's

If you would like my help on finding a special item please email me at allblogfeature@gmail.com 
Subject- Reader Request

Monday, June 20, 2011

noto fashion show

 Noto Fashion Show: Fashion Is A Choice
Please Dress Responsibly

This past Saturday, June 18th I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Noto Fashion Show. For those of you who missed my previous post on the one and only Noto, it just happens to be the loveliest boutique around! The show took place in the magical Maiden Lane, and was transformed into a high end rocking runway. I got to sneak backstage and snap a few photos of the amazing headpieces, beautiful beehive up-do's, and lovely models.

Of course I had to rock some pieces from my favorite boutique! 
Skirt and Belt are from Noto. 

While the crowd was buzzing and the Dj dropping beats, attendees sipped the signature Notini cocktail and rejoiced over their Noto tote bag that saves them 10% every time they use it at Noto.

All the attendees were dressed to the nines, and responsibly I might add. Just check out some of these lovely ladies above, one of which is a reader of mine!

 And of course all of my 330 blogger girls didn't disappoint. 
Each rocking our own unique look, I think we make a pretty great team. 

 In addition to the new styles and hip brands that Noto carries they added a lovely little vintage line, Sarah's Laundry. My friend and fellow 330 blogger Sarah got to see her vintage line strut down the runway. The pieces were unique and amazing in every way! Full of color blocking and special little details. I even snatched up a piece of the line not shown here. You can get your own little piece of Sarah's Laundry at Noto.

 The show started just as the sun began to set, lighting the runway perfectly. 

The show felt magical yet funky. The pieces were full of colorful floral and tribal prints. The details were intricate and unique. The models strutted their stuff and got gasps when the backs of some dresses were shown.

The owner herself Lauren graciously made a quick and sweet wave at the end of the show. The entire event was magical and amazing. You can bet I will be in attendance next year, and you should be too! And if you have yet to check out Noto yourself, GO! You won't regret it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

lovely little obsession

This started as a product I wanted to feature in my "june beauty love list" but it turned into a brand obsession! I couldn't open a magazine without seeing something about these products (just check out some of the buzz here), and finally decided to see what the brand was all about. Upon finding out more I am slightly bitter at myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. 

 Major Selling Points:
1. Simple + Sweet packaging (yes that can really sell me on a product)
2. Readily available at your local drugstore/ grocer.
3. Ingredients (we will talk about this more below)
4. Not tested on animals- no animal by-products.
5. Affordable 

This was the first product from the brand I picked up because it was only thing available at CVS (CVS Beauty Club). If nothing else, the USDA organic and 100% natural is a big selling point to me. This balm has quite an array of fun flavors; lemon drop spf 15, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, sweet mint, and my choice summer fruit. If you can get over the strange shape (might not be the most convenient for a wristlet or clutch) I would definitely snag this for yourself. This literally feels like silk going on.

Originally the only reason I choose the sphere over the stick was because a) they didn't have it at CVS and b) because I didn't think the stick was also USDA organic and 100% natural, which it is! After tracking down the rest of the brand I got the stick too because it would fit nicely in smaller bags and I wanted to review it for all of you! The only major difference after shape are the flavors; sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry, and my choice vanilla bean. The vanilla bean really smells and tastes like vanilla bean ice cream, major selling point!

I am completely smitten with everything about this lotion! The size is perfect to keep in my purse, it's 97% natural, and lives up to it's name of evolution of smooth! It feels so lightweight, soft, and not oily. Comes in two formulas of original and cucumber. I got the original, but the cucumber is the perfect balance of scent.

I really lucked out with this lotion because it seems mostly only available online as of now. But I snagged it at my local Walgreen's which had every product in the EOS line. (You can check which stores near you carry what products before you go on a wild goose chase here) Again I am just amazed at how smooth these products are! This lotion is 97% natural, and infused with two of my favorite lotion ingredients; sheer butter and oat extract. It comes in three formulas; nourish, boost, and refresh. I picked up boost for extra dry skin because my skin is still peeling from a recent boat outing, and needed some serious moisture. And did I mention it is hypoallergenic and dye-free?

This is where my hunt for the EOS products began. Every single magazine I opened in the last few months had a feature on this product! I was sold on the recyclable bottle that wouldn't leave rings on my tub (who wouldn't be?). As if that wasn't enough, EOS and the magazines also claimed I could shave without water, and it would prevent bumps. This one comes in a plethora of fragrances; pomegranate raspberry, lavender jasmine, island blue, cucumber melon, vanilla bliss, and sensitive- fragrance free. I picked up the vanilla bliss and (slightly scared) put their words to the test. I shaved with no water! It worked, amazingly! It has been 3 days since my shave and have yet to see bumps. I will never use another shave cream again, seriously. 

Have you tried any of the EOS products? 
If so which ones, and what did you think?

*All Photos from EOS

Sunday, June 12, 2011

little loves

 Finally got these amazing t-straps from Steve Madden that I pre-ordered. I'm in love!

 Picked the shade of my new room, a lovely Vintage Gray.

 Thought about this dress too long and it went out of stock in my size, guess it wasn't meant to be.

 Obsessed with everything about this wedding that was featured on one of my favorite sites, Green Wedding Shoes.

If you didn't already know this about me, I love all things Lauren Conrad. Especially her new site The Beauty Department and the amazing tutorials like this twisted up-do.

My nail shade this week was a beautiful peachy iridescent Heaven by China Glaze.

Friday, June 10, 2011

you'll be my vacation away from this place

Thanks to Sarah from the amazing blog Sarah's Laundry I finally tackled some outfit pictures! This is the black body con tank dress I scored at Target, as I mentioned HERE.

 I love how simple the dress is, and how easy it is to transform the look and feel of it. I wanted it to feel simple and casual so I paired it with my fedora, sandals, and simple bohemian accessories.

 I would wear this outfit out and about to run errands, to a casual date night, or hanging with friends.

Dress- Target
Belt- Came with skirt from Goldfinch Boutique
Shoes- Target (2 years ago)
Bag- Target (2 years ago)
Fedora- Target (Men's Section)
Sunnies- Ray Ban
Frame Necklace- Oceanne
Harmonica Necklace -Toony
Octopus Bracelet- Gift 

I didn't realize until now that half of this outfit is all thanks to Target, gotta love it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

jewelry organization

I love showing off my jewelry! I love to be able to see all my pieces at once and choosing what works best for my ensemble. I have so many different ways I store, organize, and show off my jewelry in my room now. As I mentioned in my last post I'm moving into a new room, and with it I want to try some new ideas for my jewelry storage. Here are some of my current jewelry organizers.

This Ikea pegboard was designed for office supplies. I've had it for 10 years! You can move the pegs, shelves, and cups wherever you want. I'm debating taking this to the new room with me because it holds so much of my stuff!

Earrings are my weakness. This is another Ikea find, designed to hold wine bottles. I have four of these running the entire length of my full body mirror. 

This earring tree is from Pottery Barn Teen. I love it! This will definitely be moving to the new room with me. You can find stands like this here, here, and here.

This glass hand is from my grandpa's clock + antique shop, Time Zone. I use it for bracelets and rings. 
I will of course be keeping this forever.

 Here are some of the ideas I'm considering for the new room. I especially love the large window frame and the wall of knobs. I will have to go antique-ing to find some good frames for these DIY projects. And World Market has an amazing collection of knobs to use for necklaces!

 If you aren't into the whole DIY things you can easily find some great options. Like this tiered stand from Who Made It on ETSY.

Or get a pastry stand like this with lace detailed edges so you can hang earrings though the holes.

Remember get creative
My two best organizers aren't even made for jewelry. 
I would love to see what you use for your jewelry

Send pictures to alovelylittleblog@gmail.com
Subject: Jewelry