Friday, June 17, 2011

lovely little obsession

This started as a product I wanted to feature in my "june beauty love list" but it turned into a brand obsession! I couldn't open a magazine without seeing something about these products (just check out some of the buzz here), and finally decided to see what the brand was all about. Upon finding out more I am slightly bitter at myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. 

 Major Selling Points:
1. Simple + Sweet packaging (yes that can really sell me on a product)
2. Readily available at your local drugstore/ grocer.
3. Ingredients (we will talk about this more below)
4. Not tested on animals- no animal by-products.
5. Affordable 

This was the first product from the brand I picked up because it was only thing available at CVS (CVS Beauty Club). If nothing else, the USDA organic and 100% natural is a big selling point to me. This balm has quite an array of fun flavors; lemon drop spf 15, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, sweet mint, and my choice summer fruit. If you can get over the strange shape (might not be the most convenient for a wristlet or clutch) I would definitely snag this for yourself. This literally feels like silk going on.

Originally the only reason I choose the sphere over the stick was because a) they didn't have it at CVS and b) because I didn't think the stick was also USDA organic and 100% natural, which it is! After tracking down the rest of the brand I got the stick too because it would fit nicely in smaller bags and I wanted to review it for all of you! The only major difference after shape are the flavors; sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry, and my choice vanilla bean. The vanilla bean really smells and tastes like vanilla bean ice cream, major selling point!

I am completely smitten with everything about this lotion! The size is perfect to keep in my purse, it's 97% natural, and lives up to it's name of evolution of smooth! It feels so lightweight, soft, and not oily. Comes in two formulas of original and cucumber. I got the original, but the cucumber is the perfect balance of scent.

I really lucked out with this lotion because it seems mostly only available online as of now. But I snagged it at my local Walgreen's which had every product in the EOS line. (You can check which stores near you carry what products before you go on a wild goose chase here) Again I am just amazed at how smooth these products are! This lotion is 97% natural, and infused with two of my favorite lotion ingredients; sheer butter and oat extract. It comes in three formulas; nourish, boost, and refresh. I picked up boost for extra dry skin because my skin is still peeling from a recent boat outing, and needed some serious moisture. And did I mention it is hypoallergenic and dye-free?

This is where my hunt for the EOS products began. Every single magazine I opened in the last few months had a feature on this product! I was sold on the recyclable bottle that wouldn't leave rings on my tub (who wouldn't be?). As if that wasn't enough, EOS and the magazines also claimed I could shave without water, and it would prevent bumps. This one comes in a plethora of fragrances; pomegranate raspberry, lavender jasmine, island blue, cucumber melon, vanilla bliss, and sensitive- fragrance free. I picked up the vanilla bliss and (slightly scared) put their words to the test. I shaved with no water! It worked, amazingly! It has been 3 days since my shave and have yet to see bumps. I will never use another shave cream again, seriously. 

Have you tried any of the EOS products? 
If so which ones, and what did you think?

*All Photos from EOS

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