Tuesday, June 7, 2011

jewelry organization

I love showing off my jewelry! I love to be able to see all my pieces at once and choosing what works best for my ensemble. I have so many different ways I store, organize, and show off my jewelry in my room now. As I mentioned in my last post I'm moving into a new room, and with it I want to try some new ideas for my jewelry storage. Here are some of my current jewelry organizers.

This Ikea pegboard was designed for office supplies. I've had it for 10 years! You can move the pegs, shelves, and cups wherever you want. I'm debating taking this to the new room with me because it holds so much of my stuff!

Earrings are my weakness. This is another Ikea find, designed to hold wine bottles. I have four of these running the entire length of my full body mirror. 

This earring tree is from Pottery Barn Teen. I love it! This will definitely be moving to the new room with me. You can find stands like this here, here, and here.

This glass hand is from my grandpa's clock + antique shop, Time Zone. I use it for bracelets and rings. 
I will of course be keeping this forever.

 Here are some of the ideas I'm considering for the new room. I especially love the large window frame and the wall of knobs. I will have to go antique-ing to find some good frames for these DIY projects. And World Market has an amazing collection of knobs to use for necklaces!

 If you aren't into the whole DIY things you can easily find some great options. Like this tiered stand from Who Made It on ETSY.

Or get a pastry stand like this with lace detailed edges so you can hang earrings though the holes.

Remember get creative
My two best organizers aren't even made for jewelry. 
I would love to see what you use for your jewelry

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  1. Love this!! I have that wine holder from ikea but it's used for wine :) haha. I use thread racks to hang my necklaces :) super convenient!!

  2. thanks for sharing sarah!! i might have to check that idea out! :)

  3. SOOO AMAZING and CREATIVE. Not only do you have great pieces of jewelry but the way you stored them is fantastic! I love it!

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  4. That cheese grater is such a fun, and creative idea. I really like the color of it as well.

  5. i love storing jewelry in innovative and creative ways! i currently have most of my items on three vintage tiered tea party plates (like the ones shown above on your post) and a couple of glass dishes! =)


  6. LOVE the frames and shutters :)

  7. thanks for stopping by ladies!! and Hope, what a fantastic blog!! i will be stopping by often!

  8. What great ideas..I love the cheese grater too but the cupcake tiered tray is delightful too. GREAT post!

  9. A cheese grater!? How creative! Makes perfect sense, too, since there are so many holes. I love the idea of those frames. I was thinking of buying a corkboard and stick some pretty wallpaper over it and put in some strong sturdy pins or nails, but my friend got me a SWAG (it really is called that haha) bag for me bday, so I'm using that for some of my jewelry.

  10. thanks victory and joey!! both of you ladies run fantastic blogs and it is an honor to have you visit mine! :)

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  12. Those are very cute jewelry organizers. I wonder if where you had bought some of it.

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