Friday, June 24, 2011

lovely little find

I first stumbled across the amazing quirky creations of Toony Jewelry last year at the notorious Crafty Mart. I just had to have the mini (real working) harmonica necklace I saw at the booth. I also met Barbara Baughman, the designer behind Toony. Barbara is a 20 year old college student,  jewelry and fashion designer, Polaroid lover, watercolorer, blogger, random craft maker, and vintage collector. She launched Toony in 2008 as something fun for people to enjoy. Although Toony started strictly as the name of her jewelry creations it has slowly evolved into the name of everything she creates. 

I am completely smitten with her work and can't wait to see what else she designs in the future!

"Making jewelry is a home away from home for me. I love the smile people get when they see 
something that I've made. I know that crafts won't solve the worlds problems, but we can take 
people away from them for awhile!" - Barbara Baughman

Of course I didn't forget about my readers! I snagged a special promo code just for you! 
Save 15% off your entire order when you enter the code "lovely" at checkout! 
(please note: discount can only be applied if you enter code at checkout, no exceptions)

Shop Toony HERE, and don't forget the code "lovely" to save 15%!
Happy Shopping!

If you snatch up some Toony for yourself, let me know! 
Send pictures to Subject: Toony


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! Those are all gorgeous!!

  2. I love her things... but the code doesn't work! :/

  3. i am fixing that right now!! :) please stay tuned and i will let you know as soon as the code is fixed!

  4. code is working now! thanks for the heads up!

  5. yay!! which necklace did you get? i'm shopping tomorrow!

  6. What a lovely collection and i love all of these things.
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