Friday, June 3, 2011

what to wear

Right after I posted my first "what to wear" for weddings, I received an email asking for help on what to wear for a blind date! Even though I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years I still dress up for him every time I see him, so date night attire is right up my alley! I really enjoyed putting together two different looks, one for casual dates and one for dressier dates. I even did a bit of research on what men find most attractive as far as looks are concerned.

Basics Of Date Night Attire
Don't be afraid to play with color! Studies show that men are subconsciously most attracted to women who wear bright colors, especially red.

Jewelry is a must but keep it simple and feminine. No oversized or noisy pieces.

Hopefully this isn't the first time you've been told about the legs or chest rule but if so choose one or the other to show, never both. If you want to show off a bit of cleavage keep the hemline longer, or visa versa. Get creative with showing skin; shoulders, neck, and back are all great to show off!

Try to stay away from baby-doll tops and dresses, they tend to come off childish (not to mention unflattering most of the time). If you want to cinch, do so at the waist!

For hair, simple is the key yet again. Your hair should look like it's natural, whether it is or not. No stiff curls or crazy do's. If you can run your hands through it, it's probably perfect!

As if I even need to say it, your make-up should be barely there. Men love the natural look, although we all know it takes quite a bit of time to achieve it.

And of course be you! Never wear something that isn't true to who you are as a person or that you feel uncomfortable in. Clothing is an extension of your personality so show it!

Casual Date

This type of date you might be playing put-put or going to an outside event like a BBQ or concert. Wear something comfy but feminine. Practical shoes, bag, and jewelry are a must!

Try this knotted pony for something beautiful, simple, and practical.

Dressy Date

This type of date you might be having dinner somewhere nice, or going to a indoor concert or party. This dress is the perfect example of how to show skin the right way. Simple yet put together is key here. 

Try beachy waves like Lauren's for hair that begs to be touched.

Try this Au Naturel make-up tutorial, at least as a starting point.


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  4. THANKS!! i'm loving your blog too!! some serious inspiration there! i will defiantly be checking by often!


  5. Natural make-up is still the best! Love your posts :)

  6. i totally agree Bernadeth!! thank you for checking me out!! i checked you out too! i will be stoping by often!

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