Sunday, June 12, 2011

little loves

 Finally got these amazing t-straps from Steve Madden that I pre-ordered. I'm in love!

 Picked the shade of my new room, a lovely Vintage Gray.

 Thought about this dress too long and it went out of stock in my size, guess it wasn't meant to be.

 Obsessed with everything about this wedding that was featured on one of my favorite sites, Green Wedding Shoes.

If you didn't already know this about me, I love all things Lauren Conrad. Especially her new site The Beauty Department and the amazing tutorials like this twisted up-do.

My nail shade this week was a beautiful peachy iridescent Heaven by China Glaze.


  1. I don't know whats more impressive... the height of those shoes or the fact that your walking on unstable earth in them!! WOWZA YOUR CRAZY GIRL!!

  2. YAY! you looked so cute in those shoes!!! Love that you picked gray for your room too :):)

  3. That twisted updo is lovely! I wish I knew how to do that by myself.

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! The colour's really lovely.
    They look a bit too high for me, though. I'm rubbish with high heels. Are they comfy to walk in? Do post an outfit post with the shoes if you've the time :D

  5. steven- thanks, i am a crazy girl. but trust me it was definitely a challenge i wont be attempting again ;)

    sarah- thanks love! i had a blast hanging with you all day! thanks for being my photographer!

    shasie- as usual thanks for stopping by! the shoes were a fantastic purchase and super comfy for heels!

    MYB- why thank you love!

    Missy- it's super easy! you really should try the tutorial!

    joey- they actually are comfy!! i will definitely do an outfit post with them soon!

    jazzy- thank you for stopping by!! i always love new visitors! and in turn finding new blogs! your pictures are great! i love all the colors, textures, and inspiration on your blog! i will be stopping by often!

  6. Ah, completely forgot to talk about Asia Fashion Wholesale. It's definitely a legit website as I've purchased from them a couple of times before. Some of my blogger friends have, too. I did a review on some of the stuff I bought a while ago, but do look out for a proper review post in the future ;)