Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lovely little local

A few years ago I discovered the benefits of boutique shopping, and have never looked back since. When visiting new places, I skip over the same stores I can shop at back home and make it a priority to hit up any local boutiques or shops. Sometimes even doing research before I go (okay so I'm a slight perfectionist).  Don't get me wrong I can spend countless hours in H&M and Target but when I really want to find something special I hit up my favorite boutiques.  

When I heard about Noto just over a year ago I knew I had to visit immediately. Tucked away from the street on a lovely little lane, Noto's one window storefront is the picture of perfection. I felt as though I had been transported to Europe and hadn't even walked though the door yet. When I finally made it that far I was immediately greeted by the lovely owner herself... 

Meet Lauren Ward
Tell me a little about yourself Lauren.
I have always been a fashionista at heart, although my personal style is very simple (if I can't chase my kids in it you won't find me wearing it).  I like wearing a lot of t-shirts with an occasional piece of vintage thrown in the mix.  I always knew wanted to be a part of the fashion industry in some way or another.  I worked retail all throughout high school and college and honestly really enjoyed and excelled at it.  So when it came to opening the store it was a no
brainer (although I'm still learning A LOT!).  

When and how did the idea of Noto come to you?
NOTO happened very organically.  My husband and I stumbled upon the name together and talked about it for along time.  The store started online, then turned into an actual store when we found the Northside location and then we moved to Maiden Lane.  Everything fell into place pretty naturally.  Also, my husbands family owns the Funky Hippy, so they were  very helpful!

What is your favorite thing about owning Noto?
   I really love the day to day of running the store.  I have met so many cool people!  And living and working in downtown is great, I love Akron!  

Anything else you would like my readers to know about Noto?
I would love to let people know we are having our 3rd fashion show on June 18th and that tickets are on sale now at!  We are SO pumped!

Besides the sweetest selection of clothes you'll ever see, Noto also carries:

Make sure to LIKE Noto on facebook to get insider information on sales, and new items in store!

And stay tuned because this little blog is going behind 
the scenes at the Noto Fashion show in June. 
Post to follow!


  1. Does Noto carry size 12? I love what I have seen and plan on visiting soon. Keep up the great work Lynds!

  2. Noto carries all kinds of sizes! The thing about most boutiques though is they only get in a few of each item. So they might only have a XS, S, M, L and XL when the item is first ordered. So visit often! Also you can always notify the owner or whoever is there at the time of your size and ask them to notify you if they order more of that item in your size! Boutique owners love getting personal and getting to know their customers! I hope you do visit soon Sarah! And thank you for reading!

  3. I love this post and this place! So cute. For the longest time I didn't know it even existed.

  4. yes one of the best secrets in akron :) makes it a little more special i think.

  5. I just met Lauren today, and I found your blog on their facebook page. She was wonderful and Noto is a great place, I can't believe I never knew about it!

  6. isn't Lauren the sweetest? i adore her. one of the many perks of shopping at Noto!! and i couldn't believe i had never heard about it before i did either! one of akrons best kept secrets!