Monday, September 24, 2012

little loves

Hey Lovelies!

I posted this week on my Facebook page that I started noticing it seems I do a week of blogging, then a week off. Hopefully this is ok with you lovelies, because it just seems to work out that I have the time and energy to blog for a week, then the next week I'm busy and burnt out.

Either way this week is looking good and I have so much going on behind the scenes for giveaways and even started semi working on this years holiday gift guide. Which speaking of, before I get carried away with it are you lovelies interested in another gift guide with discounts? Please let me know!

Got these glasses c/o of and am loving them! I have been on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair of specks like these for a while now (even got a pair offline and they ended up being too big). I am filming a little video this week with my total review, so be on the lookout for that next week and a great deal for my readers too!

Last Sunday me and the boyfriend went to dinner at one of my favorite spots, Pub Bricco. I just love the atmosphere, feel, and vibe to it (and for some reason even more in the winter). I got this gorgeous and delicious caprese salad. Yum! What are some of your favorite local spots I should try?

For my birthday the lovely Lauren from Noto got this for me! It was so sweet of her to think of me and to know I'd be using it for a Mask Monday! I used it this past week and I loved it! I mixed mine with plain greek yogurt and a touch of water too. I let it sit about 5 minters then rinsed off. It smelled great and my skin really loves anything organic. Thanks Lauren!

 Got two other fun packages this week as well (I know, totally spoiled). The one above is from DBE of course who sent me their signature bow iPhone case. I LOVE it, seriously! The other item is this adorable book called "One Good Deed Everyday" and it gives you little tasks like "walk around your block and pick up trash" and "sneak a note into your friends purse to surprise them later", just little deeds that don't cost much. It isn't available online but they do take phone orders, check it out HERE
ps. I also got something from DBE to give to one of you! I'll post a picture next little loves.

I almost had a beauty addict heart attack when this box came, just check out all this amazing stuff c/o Bloom as part of their Beauty Ambassador Program. I will be posting reviews and pictures of all the stuff so be sure to follow me on Bloom to stay up to date!

Thursday night I had the PHSGA Boutique Night at Noto to go to, and was I ever in a rush! I hadn't pre-planned my outfit so I just threw this on and threw my wet hair into a bun. I actually got lots of compliments so I guess I didn't look too awful but I do wish I had time to iron the shirt and spend more time on my hair. These are my new leather leggings from Target though and I love them! Can't wait to try and style them other ways!
ps. I love the Noto mirror. I NEED the Noto mirror. Thanks for letting me borrow it Lauren ;)

 EEEP! Was so, SO excited to see my tweet in my beauty bible, Allure! Check it out in their October issue! I love Allure so much and it was so cool to see my tweet!

I ordered this a while back through a Facebook offer from a page called Bellum&Rouge. It was only $10.80 including shipping! It kinda looks brown here, but it's black and gold. I am planning to style it soon and snap some more pics. Although it did take a while to get it (I think this was one of their first offers, and they have gotten more organized since) they are always running really great offers, check them out HERE.

I wore this outfit out last Sunday for date night (when we went to Pub Bricco) and I just loved the way the boots and jacket edged it up. I've worn it a few times before with flats or sandals but this was a fun look for me (a little army rocker look). Of course you can get this dress through me HERE and until the 30th you can get 20% off with the code COSMO20 (another code is WELCOME for free shipping, but you can only use one code). 

I hope you lovelies don't mind but I borrowed this killer cuff from one of you for the night because it just went so well with it. I love it so much I think I need one for myself though! Which bring me to a GIVEAWAY for this amazing cuff from one of my favorite shops Oceanne.

Shop owner Anne gave me a little info on her new line "Of Land and Lines" which The Angelique Cuff is from...
"Of land and lines is my newest line, which was inspired by organic shapes found in nature and vintage and raw metals. I love the mix of quartz and brass, especially when it starts weathering."


Good Luck Lovelies! 

Also there is only 4 more days to VOTE FOR ME, so please do! I need your help! Thank you!

Please let me know if you'd like to see a gift guide this year!


  1. I love the Oceanne Mon Petit Coeur necklace.

    I just love hearts in general, so that was easy! :) BTW, I love that olive body con dress you are wearing in the last outfit picture! You look great!

    xo Teresa

  2. I loved reading your blog..and I understand feeling burnt out and happens!

    I really think that you have a great sense of style!

  3. First- keep me posted on the gift guide (wink wink), second- yay! I am glad you liked the mask! third- I have totally been voting everyday- good luck!:)

  4. I love the brass knot necklace! It's gorgeous!

  5. I love the Plume necklace. A gift guide with discounts sounds amazing!

  6. Cacahuete-Brass Peanut pocket knife Necklace is pretty b.a.

    Btw the dress looks awesome on you!!! And I wish you have came out the Get On Up show saturday! I love it when you come out; you actually dance. <3

  7. Of course I'd love it if you posted more, but it doesn't BOTHER me when you don't. We all get busy and have lives and things to do; and it'd just be weird if blogging came before other things in life. No worries, love. You're looking gorgeous, as always. When is it again, that you're coming to St. Augustine?

  8. Oh I like the P.S. I love you necklace! Everything looks great though!
    GFC: Kelly Brown

  9. That iPhone case is so cute! I also love your hair in a bun, so chic <3



    Southern (California) Belle