Tuesday, January 29, 2013

clarisonic review + tips vlog

Hey Lovelies!
I know I pulled the disappearing act on you once again but I really think I'm back on the bandwagon for good this time. It really took me some time to get out of the holiday slacking mode, plus this winter weather has got me feeling extra lazy! But I have been filming new VLOGS to share, like this one that I have wanted to film for a while now!

I have been asked SO MANY times about my Clarisonic MIA, what I think of it, what tips and pointers I have for it, etc. I like filming videos for things like this because I feel like they are more honest than a typical written post. I REALLY adore my Clarisonic and I can honestly say it completely changed my skin. It is a staple in my routine and I don't know how I lived without it before (unhappily I guess). 

Take a few minutes to watch my review, and find out why I love my MIA so much (I cancelled my dermatologist appointment and have no reason to go anymore), some tips on brush heads, as well as my cleansers I use with my MIA!

I hope you lovelies enjoy and of course I would LOVE to hear some feedback! 
Do you own a Clarisonic? If so what model, and what is your Clarisonic story?
Do you own the Olay ProX? Thoughts and feedback?
Do you want to buy a Clarisonic? What is holding you back?

Stay tuned this week for another video with my HIGHLY REQUESTED makeup + beauty collection and storage! 

I've missed you lovelies!



  1. I have a sigma one but I'm really debating on getting the clarisonic!

    xo Jackie

  2. I have thought about getting one but just haven't made the purchase.

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