Friday, July 8, 2011

lovely little find

I was first introduced to Tied Up and Tousled through my best friend who's hair stylist Kate is the creative mind behind all of it. I was immediately smitten with the one of a kind pieces mixing vintage, whimsy, and simplicity.  Kate is a hair stylist by trade, studied fashion design at Kent State, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles from Kent State.  Kate had been melding her talents by making headbands just for fun, but last year after spending a few months in NYC she decided she wanted to take the next step.  With $1,000 in the T+T company bank account, off she went!  After 9 months T+T sales have reached people in Brazil, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Italy and throughout the States.  T+T is a grassroots company and generates buzz through social media and trunk shows/art walks.  Kate personally make every band by hand. Kate has just recently left her full time job and moved to Portland in an attempt to grow the business.  And so the dream continues...

I especially love the trio's that can be worn as a bracelet, headband, or necklace.
And the tassel necklace!

As always my readers can save 15% off with the promo code "lovely" at checkout!

Happy Shopping!


  1. You find the best stuff. :)

  2. I love these! I'm obsessed with headbands, and these are fabulous!

  3. kate- why thank you!!! did you get anything this time? and how do you like your toony necklace?!

    adrienna- thanks so much for stopping by! our blog is great! expect me bu more often!! and p.s. you are stunning!

    stacey- YAY FOR t+t!! did you use the promo code to get anything this time? :)

  4. omg. i want! you find the best stuff my lady!!!



  5. I bought one of these when I met her at Crafty Mart. She has some really nice stuff.