Monday, November 26, 2012

stitch fix review + vlog

Hey Lovelies!

I am so excited to share this video (even though I am a major RAMBLER in it) because it is about a company I LOVE, Stitch Fix. I first heard about Stitch Fix through fellow blogger Teresa at Delightfully Darling and was pretty sold on the idea. I loved that unlike most "subscription" services you only ever got your shipment when you asked for one. No logging in by a certain date and "skipping" the month or any silly games like that.

Please excuse the excessive editing and rambling. I filmed very late at night after a long day. 

So lets break it down in super simple terms:

♥ Fill out your Style Profile that gets your preferences on size, price, color, pattern, and everything in between. You can even link your Pinterest fashion boards to showcase more of your style!

♥ Schedule your "fix". As often or sporadic as you want. No hoops to jump through.

♥ When your "fix" is sent to you they charge your card $20 (think of this as a down-payment on your future items). When you get your "fix" you apply that $20 towards the total of your items (say you love a dress that is $50, then you just pay the remaining $30 balance).

♥ Try your items on, style them with pieces in your closet already, ask your best friends, boyfriends, moms advice and fall in love with some KILLER, hand picked, boutique label pieces no one else will have.

♥ Using the pre-addressed and pre-paid bag, pack up any items that didn't work just right and drop in any USPS mailbox within 3 days. You don't even have to go into the post office, and shipping is FREE both ways!

♥ Fill out an after "fix" survey about what you did or didn't like about your pieces and get even better tailored picks as you continue to get your "fixes".

I am totally SMITTEN with this company! I love that I can try the items on in the comfort of my own home, and style them with items in my closet. I love how easy it is to return your unwanted items and that shipping is free. And most of all I LOVE that you pick when you want a "fix", no hassle. Their attention to detail and customer service is so great! 

If you want to see another Stitch Fix review check out my friend Cassie's from More Mascara, please who got hers the same week as mine! I love some of her stuff!

I would TOTALLY encourage you lovelies to sign up and check it out! This would be the perfect time to schedule a fix right before the holiday parties start popping up!! If you do sign up please let them know Lyndsey from A Lovely Little Blog referred you so I can earn credit towards pretty new pieces in future "fixes".  

Also if you sign up please show me some of the goods you get! I will definitely be scheduling another one soon, and I will post pictures of what they send next time too! I'm really excited to get fix #2!

I just had to wear my new top right away but I didn't get too crazy with styling it exactly how I wanted. I went really simple with some flat brown boots, and comfy jean leggings. I am definitely going to style it again ASAP more dressed up, and I'll post a picture then too! Goodness I just adore those tassels!

Let me know what you lovelies think of Stitch Fix!! I'm in LOVE!

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  1. I have never heard of that sight before, such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! P.S. you're so comfortabel in front of the camera, perhaps anchoring is your next career? lol

    xx Missy