Sunday, February 24, 2013

little loves

Hey my dears! Hope you all ha a wonderful week! I've been busy as usual (I might have something really awesome up my sleeve too). I can not WAIT any longer for the snow to go away and the warm weather to get here because I am in a serious winter funk. 

Anyway last week for Fat Tuesday I went out to see my boyfriends band play and wore this outfit above. Leather leggings from The Shopes at Target, new H&M shirt, and Gianni Bini pumps (ps one of the most comfortable pump brand ever!). 

 Oh please excuse the awful cuticle on my middle finger here! A sweet little Valentines Mani by Lynn at New Awakening's of course! She is THE BEST! 

Got a great little surprise package from my brother and sister-in-law for Valentines Day! This awesome make-up bag that was as if it was made for me, and this adorable phone case! Obsessed over the little heart Washi tape too because teal hearts is my blog logo! Obviously I got right onto ETSY and picked some up for myself :)

Any of you lovelies watch Girls on HBO out there? That's my BEST FRIEND Lindsay at the table on the right as an extra! Pretty cool huh? Oh and even cooler than that? She's making an album (she's crazy talented) and started a Kickstarter to help with the funds. For as little as $5 you can get yourself a copy of her EP when it releases (seriously do it, she's going to be famous). Go HERE to support her Kickstarter! 

I just LOVE Lauren Conrad! This was of course the first issue of Lucky after my subscription ended and she was on the cover. I looked for this copy all over the place and finally tracked it down yesterday. She is just always so spot on with her looks. Anyone else adore her like me?

One of my good friends is off to California for a new job so we had a little farewell dinner for him on Saturday. Wore this F21 blue and black tulip skirt with pockets, a simple H&M white pocket tee (with some back bra peeking through), and m favorite Aldo booties. 

In other news I signed up for my YMCA classes last week (kickboxing was full, which I was really bummed about), and joined Planet Fitness. I'll be hitting the gym twice a week, and the YMCA on Tuesdays for Spinning (in place of Kickboxing), and Zumba on Wednesdays. Can't wait for it to be summer and warm!

Hope you lovelies all had a wonderful week and have a wonderful week ahead! 



  1. I love the black bra! Nice touch <3

  2. Gosh its been so long since I have stopped by to say hello! Loving the vertical striped blouse with the leather leggings, I have been looking for a pair just like that! Hope you're having a great start to your week!
    xo hannah

  3. Planet Fitness in Stow? I belong to that gym! I do too love Lauren's style, she has the perfect balance of classic and trendy. And there's that H&M shirt you mentioned on my instagram's adorable!