Sunday, March 3, 2013

little loves

Hello Lovelies!

This week was pretty boring for me. Just lots of working out, working, and things like that. I am SO READY for winter to be over. I have so much more energy when it's nice outside. I hope you lovelies had a fun and exciting week however! 

Remember those ASOS heels I wanted last week? I ended up missing out on them, but ended up scoring this pair from Zara instead. I actually think I might like this pair better. Classier, don't you think? Never owned a Zara heel before though so I'm nervous if they'll be comfortable. Any of you lovelies have experience with Zara heels?

Was thrilled when I got my Ulta rewards this week and I hit a 10 reward level! So I got to pick this amazing hair kit from Living Proof from level 6 (worth $38) and a great new round brush (worth $25) from level 4! I am so excited about this recovery regimen from Living Proof because I suffer from the worst split ends, and nothing ever seems to work. You use one of these little tubes once a week for 4 weeks. I did my first dose on Monday and already see a difference! I can't wait to do a full review when I finish the treatment! Have any of you lovelies used anything like this?

If you're interested in doing a treatment like this but can't swing the $40, I came across this 7 day kit from Clear that's more affordable. If you decide to pick it up, let me know what you think!

Decided to run a fun little giveaway on my Facebook page, and there is still time to enter! Head on over and LIKE my page to enter to win some of my current beauty favorites.

Also just got home from my first ever Arbonne party today. It was really interesting and even though I was a bit skeptical at first I was really pleasantly surprised. I actually even booked my own! Which is saying a lot since I've been to many at-home parties and rarely book my own. I've heard quite the bit of buzz around the brand for a while now so I am excited to try it and learn more about it. Have any of you lovelies ever been to one before? Own and love and products? I'd love to hear your favorites!

Hope you lovelies have a great week!


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  1. I was always a little sceptical of Arbonne, mainly due to all the negative media they were receiving years ago, and I must admit I would never want to work for them after hearing all that tish tosh years ago, but I actually won an Arbonne anti ageing night cream from a group I am in last year and it was amazing. The smell was beautiful and the cream really did make my skin appear younger and fresher looking in the mornings. I'm sure you will have a great party with them and hopefully receive some lovely hostess gifts too.
    I just discovered you on facebook so I am now following you there and also on bloglovin, I usually use GFC but couldn't see a link, although as we will probably loose it soon it's pprob not worth using any more. I hope you can check out my blog too and when you decide it's the best thing since sliced bread ;) follow me too lol
    Angela x