Friday, July 13, 2012

fan feature friday

I've always loved featuring artists, ETSY shops, and small businesses that deserve the recognition, so it was a no brainer I should feature some of my amazingly talented and creative readers. That was how Fan Feature Friday came to be, and I am happy to be kicking of my first in the series with my lovely reader Kristen who designs the cutest prints, and other oddities.

When I first sent out the notice I wanted to feature my readers who had a talent, shop, craft, trade, etc that they wanted to share, Kristen was one of the first to email. I was immediately smitten with her work because of the quirkiness and whimsy behind it. I asked Kristen to share a little bit about herself and her work with all of you. 

Describe yourself in 5 words: 
Energetic, sightly sarcastic, nostalgic, artist  

Describe your product/ art in 5 words:
Drawn stories
Nostalgia on paper

What is your personal favorite piece?
My newest work is my favorite piece. With each drawing, print, or painting I create, I always learn something new or work out a different challenge. Each new piece is an accumulation of what I have learned and what I accomplished, and of course can than apply to another new creation! 

Why do you do what you do?
I honestly have never wanted to do anything other than be an artist. It was always a part of my life, something I took to be as natural as anything else. I think keeping a unique voice and perspective is crucial. When I teach workshops and classes, I always tell my students to not copy each other, I want to see what they are thinking, what they see. In turn we all learn so much from one another.

What you hope your product/ art brings to people?
One of my customers told me one of my prints was in their office, on their desk and they look at it everyday and smile. That is what I hope my work brings to others. A common connection of happiness through sharing a small story or moment through art. 

And of course since you are a reader, what do you like best about the blog?
I enjoy the variety of posts. There is a great balance of fashion, art, and everyday life, that is also very relatable to readers. 

Kristen's prints would be perfect in a kids room, for a sweet thank you gift, or just because. My personal favorites are Woman's Silhouette and the Caricature of the USA. Check out more of her work HERE.

Kristen is kind enough to offer all of my readers a free mini print with any purchase. Shop HERE and mention you are a lovely little blog reader in the customer notes. 

If you are a reader who has something I should feature e-mail me at SUBJECT: FFF

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