Thursday, August 25, 2011

why didn't i think of it thursday

This might just be one of my favorite posts to do! I just love all the amazing ideas that never would have crossed my mind before Pinterest

1. What a fantastic idea to store your ribbon! I have a handful of ribbon spools I use to wrap gifts with, and this is the perfect way to keep them neat and organized, space effective too! Originally from All people Quilt.

2. Where has this solution been all my life? Using marshmallows to keep brown sugar soft, completely brilliant! And I tried it, it works like magic! Originally from Storage I Glee.

3. I really really love this idea! Make a rubber stamp look like a tag and use on envelopes for that lovely little touch. I couldn't find the original post for this one but it came from Creature Comforts, which just might be my new obsession! Just check out this entire page dedicated to DIY Gifts + Packaging! YES PLEASE!

4. I pinned this just in time for fall. Vanilla candle in vase of coffee beans. This has got to smell amazing! I will be trying this immediately! Originally from Inspiration for Decoration.

5. Who doesn't have issues with their computer or tv cords? I never know which one is cable, dvd, or tv. This idea is brilliant! Use at top and bottom of cords (have also seen color coded twist ties). Originally from Unplggd.

6. And this idea, well it's just genius! Ever open a bottle of wine and can't finish it off? If you're anything like me you hate to pour out that perfectly good wine! Pick up an ice tray and freeze the remaining wine into cubes, to use for cooking later. Originally from The Art of Doing Stuff.

My next challenge is to organize all my recipes. I have what I believe to be a brilliant idea to organize them! I will post about it soon!


  1. Woah - I have never seen coffee beans used like that. You're right, it has to smell incredible! This is a great idea for a post.. hopefully weekly!

  2. Just learned something from you Lyndsey! Freezing wine in cubes... what a great idea!!!