Sunday, August 21, 2011

little loves

When I started doing my little loves post's I just thought it would be a fun, short, and sweet extra post, but it has turned into something I really look forward to. Every week when I am composing my posts I look back and take a moment to appreciate the little things throughout my week that made me happy.

This week was pretty exciting for me! Alongside work I posted my first VLOG post, got my first tattoo, had an amazing mexican burrito bar dinner prepared for me at a friends place, and so much more. I also started celebrating my 23rd birthday coming up! I hope all you lovelies also had a wonderful week! 

These are my party nails, perfect for celebrating my birthday! Frock Star in 
Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Strips, if you have yet to try these do it now!

Snagged this amazing vintage salmon pinstriped nautical blazer for only $3 from 
Goodwill on Waterloo in Akron. 

A new piece of jewelry always brightens my week. Fell in love with this 
simple black and gold multi-chain bracelet from Toony

Got my first tattoo (planing on one more). A small barely connecting heart on my left wrist.
 I love it so much! Thanks to Ryan at Defiance in Kent for being so amazing!

Me and the rest of The 330 Blogger Collective took Goodwill by storm 
this week followed by dinner at my favorite The Lockview
Thanks to Sarah from Sarah's Laundry for the photo!

And what a perfectly lovely way to end my week, the dynamic duo over at 
Dresses for Dinner ran a wonderfuly flattering post on our little clique.


  1. Ugh, I miss home. Wish I could still be considered an Akron blogger.

  2. Haha, we definitely did take the GW by storm. My favorite part was sitting outside and being questioned by the little girl. Or maybe my sandwich.. that part was really good too. Anyway - our next 330 activity should be a nail party! Those sparkly ones are soo cute.

  3. I love love love love love the nails. That's those sticker things? I always wondered if they worked.

  4. Great loves!!! I wanted to thank you for all of your help and tips on throwing a shower. If you check out my last couple blog posts I put up some pics from the Bridal Shower I had for my sister! I made a bunch of DIY Banners :-)

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. amazing blog! totally riveting!