Thursday, August 11, 2011

lovely little obsession

I honestly can't remember how I stumbled upon Kathleen from Inspirafashion, but I was immediately hooked as soon as I did! I was completely drawn in by her unique mix of vintage and new, bohemian and preppy, funky and classy. Being able to mix such opposite pieces and make it work is a major skill in the world of fashion, and Kathleen is practically a professional at it! Plus she was one of the cutest girls I had ever seen! I loved how she took risks in her outfits without going over the top which I find many bloggers do. I had the amazing pleasure of interviewing this blogger who is on the verge of becoming the next big thing. Kathleen has been featured on everything form Teen to, and now this little blog! 

Tell me a little about yourself Kathleen…
I’m a Senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Psychology. I plan to try and get into the fashion industry upon graduation, hopefully somewhere in Web Styling or Visual Merchandising. I run my personal fashion blog, Inspirafashion, which was started back in September 2010. I have a serious passion for fashion (didn’t mean for that to rhyme lol). I’m a very creative and artistic person – Art/drawing/painting is my hobby alongside of course shopping.
What gave you the idea to start a fashion blog and/or how did you get into blogging?
Summer of 2010 was very bored as many students are during the summertime sometimes and came upon the wonderful style community, Chictopia and LOVED seeing everyday girls creating outfits and sharing with everyone their personal unique styles. I found out about blogging through there and decided to why not start my own!  So it happened September 2010, came up with a catchy name Inspirafashion – mixing inspiration and fashion together. One cannot live without the other for me at least. A boyfriend-turned-photographer, a Nikon D60, a laptop, a whole lotta clothes/shoes/accessories, and amazing supportive and inspirational readers from all over is what makes Inspirafashion what it is today.

What has been the best thing to come from the blog?
I’d say getting to have a close relationship with other fellow bloggers, and even so much as to actually meet a few of them in person! Also, getting to collaborate with brands, companies, and upcoming designers is really an exciting part of blogging.

Any advice for newbie bloggers?
A key part to blogging, as cheesy as it may sound, is be yourself!  Also, connect with your audience by visiting their blogs too - being supportive is a great trait to have in the blog world.

What would you like to see happen with your blog and yourself in the future?
It would be amazing if I would get the chance to travel the world because of my blog. Also, I’d love to collaborate and work with more brands and companies in the future. I want to start doing a little bit of beauty posts too on my blog, as makeup is another addiction of mine. Also, am going to try my hardest to update my Youtube Channel more often!

Where did you get your fashion sense from?
I am a very visual artsy person at heart, so maybe from that. I love being creative when it comes to putting on clothes, accessorizing, and styling everything down to the kind of shoes I wear.
Your style is amazing! What are your favorite places to shop?
Aww, thank you!! My favorite places to shop for mainstream stores are H&M, Urban Outfitters, occasionally Forever 21 and American Apparel. I love also shopping online at ASOS, Topshop, and Nasty Gal. Thrifting and vintage shopping is another love of mine, Crossroads, Wasteland, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange are some favorites.

Who is your style icon?
It is a mixture of Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Bosworth, and Alexa Chung. I love their grungy, bohemian, effortless styles. If decades could be style icons I’d say the 70’s for circle sunnies and fringe, and 90’s for boots galore and grunge are my faves for fashion trends. 
One item of clothing every fashionista should own?
A good pair of lace-up boots with a bit of a heel, that you can feel comfortable walking ALL day in everywhere you go.  They can practically go with anything, save you from any weather catastrophe, and make you look stylish with comfort.

What is your best fashion/style tip?
Do at least one DIY project in your life and you’ll be forever grateful. Runway looks or accessories can be inspiration behind any fashion DIY, and get you an amazing look for less.
And your daily blog reads…
I love right now...

... and the list can go on and on and on, as you can tell I get inspired DAILY!


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