Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lovely little local

I first heard about Sinfully Good on a recommendation from a friend. Not just any friend, the kind of friend who knows exactly where to get the new nail trend done, what days to get waxed because it's cheaper, and of course where to get the perfect airbrush tan. As I have mentioned before I became quite the tanning addict in my high-school days and once I started noticing wrinkles in my 20's I vowed to never return (which I may or may not break once a year). My friend would always come into work glowing and looking like she had just returned from a weekend at the beach. Needless to say she got all of us girls at work hooked on Diane (the leading lady at Sinfully Good) and her salon.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous for my first airbrush tan. I had dreams of returning looking like Snookie or Paris Hilton, but Diane was an expert at making me feel comfortable. Sinfully Good offers Mystic tanning (spray tanning from a booth), airbrush tanning (where you are personally sprayed by an airbrush artist), and booth tanning. I have become obsessed with the airbrush tan, which also happens to be organic!

Diane and her staff go above and beyond most other salons, just check out the vanity above stocked with both male and female products like deodorant, hairspray, face wipes, hair ties, and anything else you might need before or after your sun fix.

I got Diane and the rest of Sinfully Good to offer my lovely readers a fantastic special!
Only $15 for an airbrush tan (normally $25) or $15 for a week in the highest level booth. 
You can even buy 2 of each at this rate (which I would highly reccomend). Diane also offers mobile airbrush for as little as one person, to as many as 50! Just give the salon a call and book a night in with your ladies.

 I'll be getting sprayed Friday for my birthday bash on Saturday! Just click on the coupon below or print out this page and bring it with you to Sinfully Good and snatch up this offer! 

And please remember to tip your lady if you get an airbrush tan.
Happy Airbrushing Lovelies!

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