Tuesday, August 30, 2011

storeyhorse vintage

When I first heard about Storeyhorse Vintage I was immediately intrigued. Two friends Kelly + Elizabeth, had a love for vintage fashion and a dream to bring high quality, carefully selected pieces to the public. One click through their website proves they have an eye for fashion and more importantly vintage fashion. It's a common misconception that if it's from the thrift store it's suddenly vintage and cool, not the case. Sometimes its just old, unflattering, low quality junk. Kelly + Elizabeth get what makes up great vintage, and offer up their fantastic finds for those who might not have such an easy time. 

Since inception in January of 2011, StoreyHorse Vintage has strived to focus solely on the resale and distribution of quality and designer vintage clothing, jewelry, footwear and accessories. Storeyhorsevintage.com is also currently collaborating with designer Meredith Piccin of Honey Rose & K Modage Baubles, (featured in the September 2011 issue of Teen Vogue), for Fall 2011. 
With Kelly Velikonya’s flair for fashion and Elizabeth Storey’s drive for perfection, it was a natural progression for the duo to collaborate and transform their favorite past time, collecting and reinventing vintage pieces, into a full-fledged endeavor, by creating a cultural connection between the consumer and their inimitable one-of-a-kind items. The intended purpose of this site is to provide a chronicle of fashion history, a wealth of all things stylish, chic and sophisticated, to those in search of owning a piece of yesteryear.

“We have found people love clothing with a story,” said co-owner Elizabeth Storey. “Our ambition is to provide the timeless visionary with pieces rich in antiquity... Viva la vintage.” 

From comfort, to style, to what’s hot and what’s not, the hottest trends, latest (and oldest) fashions and absolutely the most quality vintage around, storeyhorsevintage.com, has created a gathering of followers who have anxiously anticipated the arrival of this fashion-forward website. 
The overall objective at StoreyHorse Vintage is to provide vintage enthusiasts, (you!), with clothing rich in history and to inject new life into otherwise disregarded pieces. Old has a new outlook, vintage is reborn and exclusive no longer means elusive.
I pulled some of my personal favorite pieces from the site to share with you! 

I hope all you lovelies enjoy such a lovely little gem of a site. 
Oh, and Happy Shopping!

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