Sunday, August 28, 2011

little loves

This week was pretty low key and laid back. Although I did celebrate a good friends birthday with my favorite home-made pizza and dough (post to follow) and found the best garage sale find (actually it was a barn sale) which I will be DIY-ing into more jewelry storage, and of course blog post to follow on that as well. This week is my birthday week so I know it will be a good one! I hope you lovelies enjoyed your week!

I have been searching everywhere for a skinny leather bow belt like this! 
Snagged it for $10 from ASOS.

Could this french themed shower invite be any cuter? 
Designed by the lovely Lara owner of the only and only DBE.

Got this sweet silk scarf as a birthday gift this week. I need to find the perfect
 use for it, maybe tied onto an old bag to make it new?

This vegan handmade body butter from Terra Verde Handmade is to die for! 
And don't you lovelies worry I have a lovely little find post on this coming soon with 
a special discount just for you!

I have been lusting after these earrings from MARK since they came out. 
So glad I finally got them this week.