Thursday, February 9, 2012

quick question

For a while now I have been receiving e-mails in my inbox asking for help on certain things. The questions range from the perfect place to grab a martini with the girls, to the best first date option, to how to clean make-up brushes. While I was more than happy to reply immediately to the sender, and have been doing so for a while, it hit me the other day THIS is exactly the kind of stuff I should be sharing with all of you!

So from now on, any e-mail I receive that I feel as thought would help a few more of you lovelies out there I will be sharing (with the senders permission of course). 

Last week I got an e-mail from a reader named Holly who wrote to me asking for immediate brow help:

Please HELP! I am new to the Northeast Ohio area and recently went to a local salon by my apartment and got a brow wax. It was a a total nightmare! I got burned by the wax, a RASH, and they aren't even close to the shape I was hoping for! Worst of all they made me pay after this fiasco :( I'm sure you know of a place or two that you could recommend for me, at least once the hair grows back a bit."

My heart went out to Holly immediately. A bad brow wax is in my personal opinion worse than a bad haircut. 

I was always a tweezer girl myself until about my senior year of high school when I started getting my hair professionally done on a regular basis. I started going to Lynn at Balance Pointe Salon in Stow and you could not PAY me to go to anyone else. After a while of trusting my hair over to her I finally gave over the trust of my eyebrows too and I have never looked back once.

While it may seem like a small and simple thing, eyebrows are a big deal! It takes true trained professionals to be able to see the shape in your brow and pull it out. 

If you don't live in my area try checking out a Benefit Brow Bar. Many Ulta stores have these inside, and they are trained by Benefit themselves on the art of brow shaping. If you have no luck finding one of these in your area, ask any girl who's eyebrows you think rock where they get them done and BY WHO! Seriously even a stranger! Word of mouth recommendation on this is HUGE! (Just do a quick google search on reviews for the salon before you go to some random place).

MY ADVICE for Holly + the rest of you lovelies
-As hard as it may be to grow your eyebrows back out, just stick to it. No tweezing!
-Once they start to regain some shape and fullness call and schedule an appointment ASAP. 
-Do some research, and bring in pictures of your favorite brows.
-Be realistic about your expectations. I would love to walk out of the salon with some Kardashian eyebrows but mine are just simply not as full or thick as that. 
-Trusting your eyebrow tech is key. Talk to them and tell them what you do and don't want. 

Eyebrows believe it or not say a lot about you. Thick and full eyebrows make you look younger and healthier, and even more awake!

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  1. Great post I've also had nightmare eyebrow waxers and have not gone back since... I ended up with super thin brows that were way too low and they are now growing back slowly but surely..

  2. I get my eyebrows threaded and I love it. There's a great kiosk in Summit Mall by Bath and Body Works!!