Wednesday, February 1, 2012

lovely little find + giveaway

I first stumbled upon Cakewalk Desserts through a Pinterest image, the image above to be exact! Once I saw those adorable little pie pops I KNEW I had to feature Cakewalk Desserts on my little blog. When I reached out to Andrea, the owner of the lovely little dessert company she was more than ecstatic about working together, and so incredibly friendly! 

When I asked Andrea to give me a brief history on herself and Cakewalk Desserts she had this to say;
"Cakewalk Desserts was formed in the summer of 2010 as a bit of a side project, however soon after I realized the demand for these little treats, this side project became a full-time love affair! For as long as I can remember, I have loved to bake! My grandmother and her mother were both avid cooks and from the time I could reach the countertops I was always lending a helping hand."

"My education and professional experience started out in Interior Design, however I feel that God has given me a creative eye and to use that gift in any area of design makes me a happy camper! As long as I can share my creations with the world, I have a smile on my face!"

"I think we all find ourselves at a point in life where we know exactly what to do with the gifts God has bestowed upon us. Thanks to all my friends and family for believing in me and supporting Cakewalk. A special thank you to my wonderful husband, Ian, for encouraging me to go after my dreams and for all the foot rubs after a long day of baking!"

- Andrea Smetona -

Not only does Cakewalk offer the sweetest little pie pops you've ever seen, but also cake pops, mini pies, and new mini breads! If you lovelies don't already know by now I am a total sucker for lemon in my desserts, and I'm seriously lusting after her Lemon Poppy cake pops, among her other brilliant creations! Her site has everything from Key Lime pie pops, Red Velvet cake pops, Rocky Road bread, to Island Banana pie pops just to name a few. Not to mention an array of seasonal flavors too!

These would be the sweetest treats for showers, birthdays, weddings, VALENTINE'S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY coming up, and so much more! What a wonderful gift to surprise a friend with who is feeling a bit low. I would take these over flowers any day!

For easy buying visit Cakewalk Desserts on ETSY HERE!

Her desserts have been featured in everything from The Knot, to Real Simple, and now my little blog! 
Andrea was sweet enough to offer up some pie pops just for YOU!

One dozen Pie Pops in any standard flavor of winners choosing + delivered in time for Valentines Day! 

Prize is valued over $33

Contest Rules:
- Head on over to Cakewalk Desserts and pick the item that most makes your mouth water.
- LIKE Cakewalk Desserts on Facebook.
- Leave a comment below and tell me your choice + FB name + E-mail.
- Contest ends at February 7th, 2012 at 11.59 PM EST.
-Contest open to US residents only. Sorry :(
- Winner will e-mailed and announced on this blog on February 8th, 2012.
- One entry per person please

And as if the desserts weren't cute enough already, how amazingly perfect is this packaging?! 

Good Luck Lovelies and don't forget to shop Cakewalk Desserts HERE!


  1. The Pumpkin Nut seasonal cake pop looks soooo good.

    Out of season now, but maybe next year :)

    FB NAME: Kae Anne
    EMAIL: eppleyka @ gmail . com

  2. These pie pops are the most adorable and unique desserts I've ever seen!!

    Choice: Key Lime Pie Pop
    FB Name: Amanda Kay

  3. This is beautiful. I have these pinned on pinterest and I've liked. Her website won't load for me, but I want to enter!


    Oh, Lord, all of these look incredible.

  5. Hi! Her desserts look SO GOOD! The island banana cake pie pop in particular! The website will not open for me, but I visited her Etsy shop instead and that worked just fine! I have liked on facebook as well (Hannah Meyer).
    Thanks so much!
    xo Hannah

  6. Yum!!!

    Oh my gosh, it's so hard to decide, they all look amazing!

    I think classic cherry would be perfect for Valentine's Day!



  7. I like the red velvet cake pops or the apple pie pops
    Sophie Fredericksen

  8. Toasted smore pie... Wow! Yum!
    Nicole Vanselow

  9. Oh my what I'd do for Pie!! They all look so delicious..who could choose just one!..make mine key lime for my beach side..pecan pie for the wanna be southern girl in for being the Apple of my mothers eye for many years..chocolate cause..well I am a girl!! and your right on ..they are lovely thoughts:)
    Susan Feeback

  10. The apple pie pop looks yummy! My fb name is Jenna M. LaRock and my email is

  11. These pie pops looks AMAZING. Found you on Etsy - you make gorgeous foods! My FB name is emily Beaudry and my e-mail is Thank you! :)

  12. I would love to try the lemon poppyseed cake pops! They look yummy!. Facebook name: Karen Sanders Stuthers; email:

  13. These are darling! I do love apple pie, but I think I should go for something a bit different than my usual. Peach and pecan both look delicious, but how about pecan? Yum!

    Michele Fiore

  14. The Red Velvet Cake pop looks Delicious! Great for Valentines Day!!

    Amber Slagle

  15. These are too cute! Perfect for a baby shower ill be hosting soon!

    Jeffreyashley Van Ness
    The Blueberry Pie pops!!

  16. How adorable!! The "Red Velvet" cake pop looks so delicious!!

    Lindsay Gaffga
    fb name: Lindsay Renee

  17. Everything looks sooo delicious - mouth watering, even! It'd be so incredibly exciting to receive a delicious little surprise on V-day! I think I'd have to go with the cherry pie pops for Valentine's Day, but any will do. :) My facebook name is Brittany Lemons. My e-mail is or
    Hope to hear from you guys! Keep up the good work - I'm headed to your etsy!

  18. How cute are these?!!

    Strawberry pie pop, please. :)

    FB Name: Denise Wright

  19. Choice: Peanut Butter Pie Pop
    FB Name: Kristin Llorente

    Everything looks amazing and so adorable!!! I would have to change my choice of flavor if I won since I would really want to give this to my hubby and he loves fruit flavors. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Everything looks so great! I love the cherry pie out of the current offering and I wish I could get some S'more Pies.
    FB Name: Donna O'Neil

  21. My favorite would be the chocolate, but I honestly would be thrilled to try any of them. Many thanks to you and Cakewalk Desserts for offering such a yummy giveaway. :)

    Facebook: Cindy A.

  22. Both pages "Liked"

    Obsessed with the Blackberry mini pie!
    Yummy :)
    Pick me please!
    Kaylee Rinella

  23. Red Velvet Cake pop!

    Ashley Smith
    FB name: Ashley Smith

  24. Apple Pie Pop!

    FB: Jenny Grose

  25. The blackberry ones look delicious!!!

    FB: Jessica Kirkwood

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  28. I am AAF of Cakewalk Desserts! I would love to try the Coconut cake pops, I am in love with the way coconut tastes!
    Shanna Uptergrove
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  29. These are so cute! I wish I would have known about them for my sister's baby or bridal shower! Great shower idea and super cute! The red velvet ones look amazzzzzing!

    FB name: Amanda Ashley Smith

  30. These are so cute!

    Choice: lavender honey cake pop
    FB: Anna Meyer

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. what a cute idea for any special event!! Would definately order these in the future!
    Hard to choose, but I would like the peach pie pops.
    Fb: liz russell

  32. These are adorable!

    I liked the couture coconut cake pops!
    FB name: Jennifer Smith Dershem

  33. The apple pie pops look divine! Well they all do but apple is my FAV~
    FB name: Jade Sass Burkholder

  34. These look so delicious!
    Chocolate Pie pops for me:)
    Cassie Dulworth


  35. So hard to choose.
    I would like to try the mint-green tea pops. I like the Facebook page too.
    FB Victoria Homan
    vickiehoman @