Thursday, February 23, 2012

iphone + apps

Whether you have an iPhone, Droid, iPad, or other device finding great and useful apps is always a plus! I had a few of these apps with my droid that I carried over onto my iPhone. Whenever I have the opportunity to check out other people iPhones I get right into it. I love to see how they organize their phone and apps, and of course see if there are any new apps I need. So it was no surprise to me the crazy amount  of emails I received requesting a iPhone + apps post!

I won't talk about ALL my apps because some of them are self explanatory and well it would take forever. So without further ado here is my iPhone...

Home Screen 1

Upon getting my iPhone I quickly changed around my dock. These are the four main buttons I am reaching for at all times.

GroupMe: My brother first introduced this app to me and I love it! The awesome thing about this is you don't even need a smart phone to use it. You create "Groups" of people who all send and receive each others messages. I use it for my 4 best friends so we can all talk together. You can also conference call the group as well.

The rest of this screen is pretty boring usual stuff like Facebook, Calendar, Notes, Etc. except when you get to my Photography folder...

Instagram: This doesn't really need an explanation, I just love Instagram! 
PhotoShop Express: I have yet to use this too much but its a free app and figured it might come in handy at some point, right?
Diptic: This is a photo collage app that I honestly have only used once I think. And the only app I have paid for. I hope to put it to more use this summer.
Viddy: I just downloaded Viddy this past week and it seems pretty cool! Think Instagram but for video and free of course!
Piictu: I got this app last week too and have yet to explore it too much. Basically what you do is take a picture of anything, like your morning coffee and then the thousands of other Piictu users reply with their morning coffee picture. Thought it might be fun to play around with.

Home Screen 2

Virtual Wallet: This is my mobile banking app by PNC. Virtual Wallet is an AMAZING banking tool that is free to PNC users. Seriously if you have PNC you need to use this, and if you don't have PNC you should probably switch just for this program.
Starbucks: Need I say more? I love my SB app so much! I pay for my tea every morning with my phone and then reload my balance myself though the app too!

The only apps here that don't come automatically with the iPhone are Pandora which is awesome and Vevo which allows me to watch a lot of videos the YouTube app won't pull up.

Groupon + Living Social: Both of these are amazing sites that run special group coupons. I have bought some for E.L.F cosmetics, American Apparel, and lots of local places too! Love these apps!
RL Classic: This is an app that allows you to search for the best price on an item just by scanning the barcode. I have only used it a handful of time when looking for electronics but it has been useful!
Tag: This is your standard Tag reader that I use to scan tags from magazines, cosmetics, and other items. I use it quite often!
Coupons + GeoQpons: I had both of these apps when I had my droid and I love them! I am all for a good deal and these literally have every store you can imagine. Before I check out anywhere I pull up these apps and do a quick search for a coupon and then the cashier can usually scan my phone right then and there. Everything from Loft, JCrew, Sunglasses Hut, Coach, H+M, Ulta, Olive Garden, CPK, and more!
Lucky Shopper: This just allows me to easily enter contest through Lucky Magazine with a scanner. 
Etsy + Ebay: What can I say, I love to shop!

MapQuest: As far as I know this is the only free app that will give you VOICE Commanded turn-by-turn directions. I love and NEED this app.
AroundMe: This app quickly pulls up businesses around your current location. You can search by category too. It definitely comes in handy.
SkyView: Allows me to hold my phone up to the sky at night and tell what stars/planets/ and constellations I am looking at. This is basically like your phones "party trick".
Gas Buddy: I actually use this a lot. I live and work quite a distance away from each other and usually the difference in gas price is like 30 cents or so.
Localmind: I just got this app this very evening on my brothers recommendation but it seems pretty cool. Basically you give suggestions on places based on your location. You can even ask people who around a specific location for the best coffee shop, sushi spot, etc. I need to play around a bit more but it seems pretty fun!

Home Screen 3

Fandango: I actually have no idea how or why I even have his app but I don't remember ever using it, guess I will delete it soon.
ShopStyle: I just adore this app, seriously. Say you need a red dress or some nude pumps, this app will pull up hundreds of results that take you directly to the site to buy them .You can filter by colors, prices, and more. 
Pinterest: I love Pinterest and usually if I can't fall asleep at night I just pin on my phone for a bit and before I know it I'm asleep!
Newsstand: This comes with iPhone and I wish I could get ANY real magazines through it. I have yet to see one US magazine that I would even consider getting. Mind you I have subscriptions to Allure, Glamour, and Lucy just to name a few and none of them have phone versions yet.
Sephora: Duh, I adore make-up! Also there are some great specials on this app!
Mark.Trends: I am a Mark Rep and this comes in quite handy at times! This is also for Mark customers too!

I have been waiting forever for Beautylish to come out with and app so that will eventually be on my phone soon!

So there it is, in all it's iPhone glory. This post has me wanting to re-organize a bit and get rid of a thing or two. I am always looking for new good apps so please SHARE if you know of any!

Do you use any of the same apps I do? What are your favorite apps?


  1. i hate the blogger app - i never use it. it's a mess. i can't do anything from my ipad.

    i'm going to be awful and promote my husband's game since i now know you have an iphone. it's just a free little game that is cute and based around guinea pigs.

    i never end up using the groups function on my ipad, and i carry an android phone. only thing i miss is instagram!

  2. I am going to go download some of these apps right now. One of my favorite deals apps: Hautelook -- great sales and easy to use check out (almost too easy ;)

  3. Some of these sound pretty cool I am an avid app junkie especially for things like angry birds and sticky notes I don't know what I did without them ;)

  4. I use Fandango all the time, actually. Good for buying movie tickets in advance & finding movie times. Other favorites are: Postagram, to turn Instagram photos into postcards; Sincerely Ink, to send cards from my phone; Deep Sleep, a meditation app; TripIt, which logs all my travel itineraries in one spot; Sit Or Squat, which identifies public restrooms; Emoji, which adds an emoticon to your keyboard; Camera+, my favorite photo-editing app; Kindle, where I read most books; Netflix, to watch TV & movies while I travel; Shazaam, to identify songs I like; Reeder, the best blog-reading app I've found; and the Amazon app, which is self-explanatory! Just downloaded a few of your suggestions.

  5. I have Beautylish too, but I find a lot of these apps burn thru my battery so quickly!

  6. This is awesome! I love seeing the way people organize their phones and apps too.