Saturday, February 25, 2012

lovely little recipe

Oreo Truffles (Golden)

This had to have been one of the easiest things I have ever made. As some of you lovelies may already know by now, my boyfriend has a giant sweet tooth and is a big Oreo fan. (Check
out the Mini-Oreo Cheesecakes I made for his birthday treat HERE) I made these for him as his Valentine's treat! If nothing else the ingredient list for this recipe sold me, 3 items and no oven.

You Will Need:
1 Package of Oreo's (Golden or Classic) - Crushed
(I choose Double Stuf)
1- 8oz package of Cream Cheese - Softened
1 Bag of Chocolate Chips or Melting Disks 
(I chose both Milk Chocolate + White Chocolate)

First stack your oreos in a tower and take a cute picture like so, then eat some.

Crush up your Oreo's and add in your softened cream cheese.
Use an electric mixer to mix the two together until doughy.
Let dough sit in fridge/freezer until firm.

Roll dough into roughly 1 inch balls.
Set on wax paper and return to fridge/freezer to harden.
Melt your chocolate, and dip away!
Return to wax paper and fridge/freezer.

Look how beautiful and delicious these are! I am going to make him some using the classic Oreo's next! 
These were seriously a breeze to make! Have you ever made these?!


  1. These look so tasty and sound so easy. I need to mimic these!