Sunday, February 12, 2012

little loves

Last Sunday I didn't post a little loves because I had 2 giveaways running and didn't want to overshadow them. So this weeks little loves has a little of both last week and this week mixed in. Both weeks were the usual stuff like work, date nights, and boyfriends gigs. But this weekend we headed to Columbus to see Blue Man Group, which was a blast!

1. Last Thursday I wore my red skinnies, striped shirt, and cozy blazer out to a double date with our good friends J+B.

2. The new Starbuck's Valentine cups made my whole week. So sweet!

3. Last Saturday my boyfriends band played at Paolo's (which is amazing, btw) and my friend Kae met me there.

4. My mother and I both accidentally wore pretty much the same outfit. What can you do?

5. Me and my sweetie outside his gig on break, on a surprisingly warm Akron night.

6. The cutest Valentine's candy corn ever that my mom got for me.

7. My snack I kept turning to this week was Nutella drizzled over popcorn. Talk about guilty pleasure!

8. While in Columbus this weekend we stopped at a the amazing Northstar twice! Had this grilled Barramundi fish sandwich, and I'm not sure anything else will ever top it. Unbelievable.

9. On another day in Columbus I had the home made granola ad yogurt for breakfast. It was just perfect. 

10. Funny signs all over Bucca Di Beppo in Columbus. This one says "Be a perfect hostess" with the woman exclaiming "Oh Pooh! I'm out of pineapple rings!"


  1. i love the new starbucks cups! so cute.

    and it's a good thing if you and your mom both have good style ^_^

  2. i love you, thanks for featuring yours truly ;) can't wait for get on up this weekend!!