Friday, May 27, 2011

reader request

I am loving all the reader requests that are pouring in! This one is from Mary who is looking for a lovely little bohemian dress. Her requirements are white, lightweight for summer, casual, and around $50. I really enjoyed looking for this request because the little white dress has become as coveted as the little black dress. Every woman should have one in their wardrobe. Also like the LBD, the LWD would be an amazing item to search for at vintage or thrift stores, which are overflowing with amazing options for both.

While searching for Mary I stumbled across the most adorable dress that fit all of her requirements expect the price range. I personally will spend a little above my ideal price if it is something I have been searching for and love. While I didn't include this dress in her results I still had to share it in case it happens to be the perfect one (for her or someone else).

Isn't it beautiful?! 
And ladies don't forget the slip!

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Subject- Reader Request


  1. Gorgeous dresses!! I like the last one best I think....and number one. And number six. Haha:) Great finds lady!

  2. Oh my good finds! For me - love number six. For sweet Mary - I can see number 1 and 8 looking fantastic (well all of them, really :)

  3. These dresses are perfection! Love them

    Live Life in Style

  4. I really like #6, it's so perfect for summer.

  5. Thanks Ladies!! i really enjoyed this reader request because i want a new LWD ;) i think i might have to have the last one too :)