Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lovely little find

Meet Anne Harrill the designer behind Oceanne jewelry. If you asked Anne to tell you a little about herself she would tell you "I'm 32 years old. I have a wonderful husband named Doc, 3 outgoing roommates, a French accent, a vintage leather couch that I love, a best friend of 26 years, and a mild decoration magazine addiction." Just as you can hear her playfulness in her words, you can see it in her jewelry. Her pieces are whimsical and unique mixing vintage and new. 

I first met Anne at a street fair in Coventry, and immediately dragged my boyfriend into her Anthropologie-esque booth. I felt like a kid in a candy store, holding earrings up to my face and bracelets up to my wrist. I walked away with a beautiful vintage picture frame necklace that my boyfriend bought me (the same one that I'm wearing in my "about" picture).

Since then I have purchased many gifts for friends from Anne (okay and maybe a few things for myself). She is a pleasure to do business with and it completely open to customizing her pieces.

I was very tempted to buy the small heart necklace pictured above, from Anne's shop but I thought it was only right to save it for my readers who get 10% OFF their order from her shop! Enter the code "lovely" upon checkout! (but if that necklace is still there next week you can bet I'll be snatching it right up!)

and don't forget to use the code lovely

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