Sunday, April 1, 2012

little loves

I have been so busy lately it is driving me insane! I barely managed time to sleep let alone do anything interesting enough to share. I am finally in the process of moving back home and it feel AMAZING to be in my space. My bedroom and bathroom are so relaxing and comforting, and getting my belongings organized again is going to be a life saver. One of the many perks of my home sweet home is a dresser. (I know crazy right?!)

A dresser drawer filled with my favorite wardrobe piece, fitted + high-waisted skirts. Think I have a small obsession with them?

I somehow managed to film a VLOG this week that I have been wanting to film forever, so that was a major plus! Not thrilled with the lighting but let's be honest, am I ever? Here is a little sneak peek at the video and giveaway loot!

Stumbled upon this quote this week and I just fell in love with it. I really identified with it because I am very sensitive and a lot of times people will try and make it seem like that is a bad thing, but it's not. Being vulnerable and tender is beautiful! Go Women!

My best friend Vidya hosted a baby shower for her sister Claire this weekend and enlisted my help. She already had a color scheme and theme picked out but needed help executing it. Colors were pink and orange (I added white to make it a bit more chic) and theme was animals (like safari or zoo).  We picked up animal figurines from the dollar store and spray painted them white, wheat grass for centerpieces that doubled as door prizes, and animal cracker favor bags. We found a cute little elephant paper punch and used it for the escort cards, thanks you bags, confetti, and other various things. Vidya found an adorable elephant themed baby wish card printable from ETSY and we placed one at each setting. Over-all I think it was a marvelous success, super budget friendly, and really thoughtful. My favorite has to be the white figures, they were so cool!


  1. OMG the baby shower looks amazing! those white figures are definitely the best part...they look so classy!

  2. I cannot thank you enough for all your creative help! I got so many happy complements on the decorations, it would've been a disaster without you! You have perfect sense and taste for these things :)

    Thank you!

    Ps. I LOVE that quote.

  3. The animal crackers are my favorite! YUM how often do we indulge in those little treats anymore? I might go buy some tonight!

  4. I really love that quote from Zooey. It's describes perfectly how I feel about being too emotional and soft...I hope you don't mind that I pinned it :)

    Visiting from our webinar last night. Are you planning on attending any other Alt classes? If so, I hope you see you there!

    Also, I really love your blog. So pretty!


  5. Yay for organized dressers! I love how you folded the tops so that you could see all of them instead of having to sort through a pile! SMART!