Monday, April 23, 2012

april bloom beauty ambassador

For those of you who missed my first post on this you can check it out HERE. I have gotten the amazing opportunity to be a Beauty Ambassador for an amazing site called Bloom. Bloom is basically an online mega-store with every brand from Stila to Almay and everything in between. Not online do the carry awesome brands, and constantly run promotions, they also have an amazing beauty community, recommendations, and cash back rewards! 

Anyway back to my April Ambassador kit, this month was all about eye lashes! Which is wonderful because I love eyelashes! We got an amazing product I have wanted to try for a while now, Lash Food. While I can't quite show you the progress on this yet because I just got it last week and there isn't noticeable progress yet, you can bet I will be showing you in another week or so, the before and after shots. I have heard so many amazing things about Lash Food, I am sure it won't disappoint.

Onto the next product in my kit, Winks by Georgie. I was so intrigued by these! I had never seen lashes like them! The compact was so nice and the lashes were just beautiful, you could tell they were of very good quality too. I am typically used to individual lashes so applying a whole line of them made me a bit nervous.

I was a bit surprised when the glue came out white, because I am typically used to clear or black but it dried perfectly clear (or at least seemed too). I learned a trick a while ago to apply a drop of lash glue to the back of one hand and let it get "tacky" for a moment. After I did that I used my opposite pointer finger to apply the glue to the lashes (I used very little). Using a pair of tweezers to help apply more precisely I just simply stuck them on. I used the tweezers to nudge them down a little lower closer to my natural lash line, and they looked really great! 

I might cut off just the teeniest bit of the inner-most part of the lash line... not 100% sure I want them to go in so far. Other than that I was very impressed with these and want to buy the 2 other styles on Bloom, I am wearing Style No. 2.

What do you think, would you buy some of these high-end lashes? 

Head on over to Bloom's Facebook page on Tuesday April 24th for a Winks by Georgie event (one at 11AM EST, and one at 7PM EST). The Winks by Georgie owners will be there to answer questions (along with Bloom Ambassadors) on falsies, how to best apply, and more! There will also be 25 pairs of Winks to win (ps. I'll be at the 7PM event)!


  1. They are a little pricey but since the come with glue Id say they are worth it. I love this style and how it wings out a bit they look really good :)

    1. they are a little steep ashley but i'm all for a good splurge if it's worth it. and yes usually you have to but the glue separate and thats another $8. plus these are reusable AND the glue is awesome and organic!! stop by the event tomorrow and maybe you will win a pair!