Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lovely little obsession

I first heard about One Love Organics when a fellow blogger friend of mine sent me a little sample size of their cleanser she received at an event. I was really intrigued, but used it only a few times before it disappeared into thin air. I've looked everywhere for it and still haven't found it! 

Fast forward to a few months down the road and I see that my favorite subscription service Birchbox would be sending out some OLO samples in their March boxes. I was convinced I would be getting some OLO, especially since in my beauty profile I indicate my interest in organic products. Then I remembered I opted for the Teen Vouge March BB in place of my usual box. While the Teen Vouge box didn't disappoint, I was so extremely disappointed I wouldn't be getting some OLO. 

I was so tempted to just log on and order some OLO but the price tag stopped me. Of course I'm not one to shy away from a price tag if I know the product is worth it, but I didn't know (yet). So what's a beauty blogger to do? Reach out to the company of course!

One Love Organics was so kind and sent me a little package of OLO products to try and I worked them into my routine immediately. 

In my lovely little One Love Care Package:

I was a bit hesitant since the Complexion Booster seemed very oily, as did the Beauty Balm but boy was I wrong! Every single morning I put a few drops of Morning Glory onto clean hands and buff it into my skin, then (using my hands still) I work Skin Savior all over my face and neck until it feels moisturized. I also use Skin Savior right after my shower at night as my moisturizer. After every application I take My New Best Friend Skin Shammy and just pat away any extra residue on my skin. 

I am going to go out on a limb and say something kinda crazy now... One Love Organics and my Clarisonic MIA dual-handedly changed my skin, in the best possible way. This is one of those moments where I am kicking myself for not taking some "before" pictures to show you how beautiful and fresh my skin looks since using OLO. 

One Love Organics says "Less really is more. One Love Organics proves that your skin craves a simpler approach just as much as the rest of you.". I could not agree more! Having sensitive skin I have really struggled with finding a skin care routine that worked, felt good, and made me look good. I realize now all my skin needed and wanted was something simple. Just read the ingredients on any OLO product and you'll probably fall out of your computer chair right now, they are that impressive and not a single word that makes your brain hurt trying to pronounce.

My next test for One Love Organics is the travel test. If you know me, my skin and traveling do not go well together. Even a vacation becomes dreadful and annoying because my skin hates traveling! Word in the blog world is that these products are practically super heroes when it comes to traveling and skin care. And I don't doubt it one bit seeing how much they have already improved my skin.

If you want to test out these amazing products but are hesitant like me One Love Organics has introduced their "A Little Love, The Essentials Sample Pack" for only $4 and FREE SHIPPING! I'm ordering a few of those and keeping the sample sizes in my purse for emergency moments. You also might want to follow their blog, Facebook, or Twitter for some pretty awesome promotions they have going on right now. If you're ready to take a little more of a splurge I'd recommend going for the Little Luxuries or Essentials To go Kit.

ps. you can also use Skin Savior mixed with mineral powder for a great foundation, on cuticles, to tame flyways, eyebrows, and so much more!

So what do you think? Have you tried One Love Organics? Are you interested? Are you going to snatch up that awesome sample package like me?


  1. After reading this blog, I am very excited to try OLO. You mentioned you have sensitive skin, as do I, which makes me even more excited for these products since they are all-natural! Thanks for the info and another great blog!! xx

  2. For 2 more days, One Love Organics is featured in Jennifer Chong's (of Pinterest fame-she has over 1.5 million followers!) curated shop on Sneak Peeq! http://www.sneakpeeq.com/jennifer-chong
    This is a wonderful way to try OLO and at an amazing price!

  3. Wow! Thank you!! xx

  4. So one day will you come over and just completely give my cabinet a product makeover and tell me exactly when I need to get. I seriously and so clueless when it comes to those things and you always have the coolest products featured! You could even blog about it =) lol

    xx Missy

  5. I'm intrigued! Can't wait to hear how the travel test goes. My skin also pulls a major boycott whenever I go somewhere new.