Friday, November 4, 2011

lovely little find

I know it's been a while since I did a lovely little find post but it's only because I have been working on some awesome ones coming your way! And a holiday gift guide filled with special discounts just for my readers on a ton of lovely little items.

To hold you over till then I have something cute, tasty, and natural. I first heard about this lovely little bakery through a good friend of mine, who is friends with Nikki, the lovely lady behind Red Bird Bakery and all its sweet treats.

After scoping out the company I learned Nikki uses natural and local ingredients in all her creations and I was sold. When I contacted her about a possible post, she was so enthusiastic and excited about working together. She sent me over a whole bundle of goodies for me to sample and try. Every single item she sent was amazing and incredibly high-quality.

A couple of clicks through Nikki's ETSY shop and you can tell she pours her heart and soul into every last treat she bakes, and one bite into them you can taste it. 

When I asked Nikki what she wanted my readers to know about her lovely little bakery she said "I started the bakery to make people happy. I think that people focus too much on being a grown up when they hit a certain age and it's stressful. To me, everyone has those memories of eating a cupcake made by their grandmother or sharing a hot chocolate chip cookie with their mother. I want to bring those feelings of happiness and being carefree to people through these desserts and what they mean to me. If everyone had one cookie a day, the world would be a better place.

I quickly became obsessed with the cookies above, Grandma's Lemon and Elderberry Thumbprint Cookies. They are the perfect balance of sweetness and tart. I literally dream about these cookies. They will be a must have for the holidays for me. 

For those of you who enjoy a little something unique with a kick you have to try these Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, they will take your taste buds places you never even knew existed. 

The boyfriend was especially fond of these guilty pleasure brownies. We just might have tried one ala-mode with ice cream too. Let's just say no words needed to be said.

This one is next on my list. Sugar cookies are often under-rated and made badly. Having tasted her other creations, I know this Sugar Cookie will be one for the best I have ever had. 

Of course don't think all this sugar has gone to my head and I have forgotten about you lovelies! 
My readers can save 15% off their entire order with the promo code LOVELY15.


  1. Oh wow! those goodies look delicious! I was just stoppin' in to say hello-

  2. These look delicious. I have the same feelings about sugar cookies as you do. I rarely find ones that are tasty and up to my dreams of sugar cookies! Let me know how they are.

  3. Wow this made me want to go out and eat any dessert I can find!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style