Sunday, November 6, 2011

little loves

All of my weeks seem to be running together lately. With my brothers wedding out of state next weekend, and the hours I have been working I can barely keep track of the days. I did a little shopping, kickboxing, got my hair done, and got to meet up with my fellow 330 blogger Collective ladies. I also made a quick trip to Beachwood to grab some of the Great Lakes Christmas Ale + Ginger Snap Ice cream from Mitchell's for the boyfriend. I am so excited to get away on Tuesday for the wedding and be in sunny Florida. I hope you lovelies had a fantastic week too!

I have been dying to get to a Lush store and try this foundation. Finally made it there this week. Mix a little of this foundation with your moisturizer and it gives your skin the nicest dewy, glowy look.

Loving my 2 new vintage bracelets. Going to be perfect accessories for the bridal shower next week. The chunkier one is from The Secret Past and the double heart one is from The Hidden Pearl, both located on Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls

Totally obsessed with this chevron sweater dress I got this week. It might just be my new plane travel outfit, so comfy.

Few things make my week better than treating myself to a Cranberry-Orange scone from Starbucks. Whenever I have one it makes me slow down and enjoy the day. 

Snagged this amazing vintage carry-on bag for only $9 from Suburban Retro, also on Front Street. Love the color and structure of it. 


  1. That bag is so perfect for your trip and your outfit was adorable yesterday!!!! xoxox

    goodness... i'm going to miss you!!


  2. You got so many good finds that day!