Sunday, November 27, 2011

little loves

This was a pretty wonderful week if I do say so myself. I only had to work until Wednesday and then it was 3 full days off for me! I know, I'm totally spoiled or totally deprived I can't decide. Either way once the work week ended for me I went out with friends, shopped, ate, and danced the 3 blissful days away. 

My Thanksgiving nails, Sally Hansen's Nail Effect Strips in Check It Out.

On Wednesday I swung by fellow 330 Blogger, Sarah's farewell night out, then off to my friend Tony's 6th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Party, and ended the night stopping by my boyfriends gig at a local bar. 

Fellow blogger Sarah and myself at her farewell dinner.

The beer pong table at my friend Tony's. I love my nerdy artsy friends!

Thursday I went over to my Grandparents house and stuffed my face full of Thanksgiving goodness, napped with my boyfriend, then hit the stores at midnight with my mom and the boyfriend (and snagged some pretty good deals if I might say so myself). 

My best Black Friday find were these Candy Cane Kisses. 
These things are my Kryptonite, along with Handel's Peppermint Stick ice-cream.

Friday I slept in and caught up on some blog work then went out to a new Akron Martini/Wine Bar called Paolo's for another of the boyfriends gigs. They had AMAZING martinis and really great vibe. They also had some pretty nice specials that I definitely want to go back and check out.

Saturday I hit up Crafty Mart with some of by best friends (ran into some of my fellow 330 Blogger Girls) got lunch, shopped a little bit, and called it a night. 

Rachel, Myself, + Jessica outside Noto/Crafty Mart.

Hope you lovelies had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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