Sunday, October 23, 2011

little loves

As usual this week flew by. The winter is starting to creep up on us here in Ohio, and I am dreading it. I did manage to get it some good quality time with a friend, have a date night staying in with a movie, go out with my work friends, and to my boyfriends gig this week. All in all I would say it was a pretty successful week!

Remember the "lovely little find" post I did HERE? Well meet the lovely lady behind all that awesome jewelry, Barbara. Isn't she the cutest girl you've ever seen? She just recently started outfit posts on her blog, No. 1990 and I love her style. It is so effortless and classy.

I am obsessed with this top from my favorite little boutique Noto. I really need to stop in there this week and get at least one of these. Perfect blousy top to tuck into a high waisted skirt.

I started red light therapy this week at Sinfully Good Body + Soul (though don't be fooled, there is no UV light in red light therapy). I will have a full blog post coming soon, with before and after pictures but I am already seeing a huge difference. I love it!

My sweet loving kitty Simba always makes my week more lovely. 
He is such a cuddle bug. I love him.

Got this clutch a while ago at the thrift store and finally used it for the first time this weekend. I love it, such a great find. I carry it folded over like in the first picture.