Sunday, October 2, 2011

little loves

I can't believe how quickly this post snuck up on me! I had another post ready to work on this week thinking I had plenty of time to post it and then Sunday is here (so guess you'll have to way till Tuesday). 

This week was mostly uneventful, and rainy here in Akron. I did start my kickboxing class at Asian Sun Martial Arts, and I love it! I also got to get sushi with some good friends, see Contagion with my man, and do a little shopping here and there. Tonight I'll be heading to a concert with the boyfriend, his bandmates, and their ladies. Oh yea and my good friend who I planned the baby shower for, went into labor last night! What a wonderful way to end this dreary week!

I am such a perfume snob. Mostly everything makes me sick, so I am always looking for new scents 
because I only have about two I use regularly. I sampled a little of Prada - Candy in 
my Allure and thinkI might love it! Have any of you lovelies tried it?

Finally, finally got the clamp less curling iron I have been lusting after forever now. 
Snagged this Sedu 1inch clip-less iron from Ulta this week. Good news... hair tutorial vlog coming soon!

It is already scarf and glove season here in Akron pretty much. Brrrr!
I love my new mixed polka dot scarf from H+M.

Everyone was always telling me how much I would love Francesca's Collections in Summit Mall but I never had a chance to make it there until this week. Fell in love with these nesting dolls (Fred + Friends) that double as measuring cups! I can't stop thinking about them, so I'll probably have to go back and buy them asap.

As I mentioned, it is practically winter weather already in Ohio. I had been lusting after this Loft sweater for some time now, so I went this week and snagged two colors both 40% off! They are the perfect fall sweaters. 

Note to self: get better at clothing shots.

Hope you lovelies had a great week!
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  1. Francescas in Summit Mall is exactly what that mall needed! Something that wasn't Express, Hollister or A&F. Great post and I want that curling iron!

  2. I LOVE that scarf. Too bad there isn't an H&M by me.

    <3 Rachel

  3. I have been seeing camel and black stripe sweaters every where from thrift stores to celebs. Very cute and versatile piece.

  4. i like cardigans! and scarfs too!!