Sunday, October 16, 2011

little loves

It was a great week for me! I just love these "little loves" posts so much! I got to have a double date with my favorite double date couple, made it to Target TWICE this week, had a girls night in with my mom, best friends, and new friends, made it through my third week of kick-boxing, and today I am walking a Making Strides event with my grandma and cousin. Not to mention the weather has been somewhat tolerable here in Ohio.

Not sure why Essie's website isn't promoting the new winter collection yet, but I did see an ad for it in my Glamour and got one of the colors "Brooch the Subject" from Target this week. I didn't think anything could out-do my love for "Sand Tropez" but this might be it.  I also really love the new "Size Matters" red color. And how about this website I stumbled upon that sells Essie for half the price?! Yes please!!

A friend of my moms (and mine) handed me down her suede high-waisted skirts in both blue and camel. I had to lose 2 pounds to fit into them, but it was totally worth it. I am in love with them!! 

Love the pattern and button detail on this silky blouse my mom got me from Figleaf

I had to temporarily move and have been literally losing my mind over the clutter in my new bathroom. It is lacking any storage at all but for some reason has 2 towel racks?! I finally solved the problem with this $5 basket from Target and some $1 shower curtain hooks. Yay for counter space!!

After 3 weeks of it sitting in the lost and found at work I have officially claimed this vintage Coach clutch as mine! Needs a good once-over, but will be the perfect rustic clutch! 


  1. I could kiss you for linking to that amazing polish site! If there is anything I love more than regular deals, it's polish deals!!! XO

  2. Oh! And p.s.) I got the silver helmer and wished I'd gotten the white. It looks a bit to file cabinet-y but the storage is perfection!

  3. I like the print of that top. I have that exact shade of essies It is my go to nail polish now.

    <3 Rachel