Tuesday, October 4, 2011

give your hostess the most-ess!

One thing I always knew growing up, never go to someones home empty handed. From the time I was a little girl my mother taught me to always bring a dish to share and/or a gift for your host or hosts. When someone invites you over to their home for a dinner party, bbq, holiday party, or even game night; your first question after your reply should be "Can I bring anything in particular?". While I do believe a host should supply at least the main dishes if not more, that little offering can mean a lot to them. Believe it or not you might be the only one who offered!

Obviously you want to cater your dish to the event and the attendees, but the hostess gift is the really fun part. It doesn't have to be anything expensive or big, just a small symbol of gratitude for welcoming you into their home.

With the holidays just around the corner I though I would pull together some ideas to get your creative minds working. While a bottle of wine will rarely ever do you wrong, something a little more personal really goes the extra mile.

-clockwise from top left-
-Use puffy paint to customize wine or champagne bottles. Or if you make your own wine, 
beer, sangria, etc! Great for dinner party, housewarming, and holidays!
-Bath salt and bombs are so easy to make! Good holiday or housewarming gift.
-Trail mix is a wonderful idea! Love this autumn themed mix with Candy Corn. Great for holidays or housewarming.
-Homemade granola would be perfect for any occasion! If you make something well, then gift it!
-Homemade Vanilla Extract, I really, really love this one! Wonderful for housewarming and holidays.

-clockwise from top left-
-Homemade cookie dough: frozen, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. Great for any occasion! 
-Peppermint hot cocoa mix, layered pretty in a glass jar. Perfect for the holidays!
-These candy cane marshmallows look so pretty and yummy! What a wonderful holiday gift!
-These pretzel treats are so simple to make! I make them for the boy every year. Toss them in a big glass jar and tie a ribbon around it for the perfect gift for any occasion.
-How sweet are these button cookies? Love these for any occasion!

Now I've got your wheels turning don't I? Remember that presentation is everything! Target, World Market, and Hobby Lobby are great places for glass jars and bottles. Design your own labels and tags or find free printables (just google it). Finish it off it with a bow and I guarantee you will make a statement!


  1. Love all these ideas! I have to say though that the pretzel treats are the bomb. Perfect combo of salty and sweet. My mom has been doing these for years...usually using whatever m&m's are in "season". So, these are always on hand at Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc.

    Your blog is really lovely...pathetic play on words, but truly- you're doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!

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